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Xorian Cipher: DDO quest guide / walkthrough

Updated on May 14, 2010

The hobgoblins are concerned about an ancient tome prophesizing doom for Xendrik, and have asked for your assistance. An ancient temple was discovered - rumored to be a staging site for a Xoriat invasion. It's a popular quest in Dungeons & Dragons online, mainly for the rare Planar Gird item found inside.

Ideal Group

The Xorian Cipher quest splits your group up into two teams.

You can succeed in this quest with almost anyone, but you must bring at least 3 other people. 4 runes must be stepped on at the same time to proceed in an area. You can get around this with clever use of trip, flesh to stone, DDO hirelings, and summoned creatures. However, you'll still need at least two due to objects you have to interact with in the rooms.

Runes are scattered throughout the Xorian Cipher dungeon which can be used for optional experience. You'll require people with high attributes in these statistics: Intelligence, Charisma and Wisdom to activate them.

Walkthrough guide

This quest is two in one. First you'll be required to head through a small outdoors area to reach the temple itself. This is the Path to Madness quest and also grants your characters favor points. It's very short, but also contains many skeletons. Most people will attempt to run through it. Fighting through is a better idea. It will let you know if your team is capable of defeating the monsters inside the dungeon.

  1. Follow the path north until you reach the temple.
  2. Kill the two drow scorpions (scorrow) guarding the area.
  3. Loot the chest by the rest shrines nearby.
  4. Use the altar to enter the next dungeon. It will warn you that you're attempting to leave the Path to Madness quest without fighting. Click yes anyway and you'll be able to enter the Xorian Cipher dungeon.

First things first you should buff. The monsters you'll be fighting here are screaming skeletons. These boneshriekers do a lot of nasty things you might not expect. All their weapons will do sonic damage. The archers and skeletons will try to soundburst you whenever they hit you. This will stun your character for several seconds.

The boneshrieker arcane skeletons aren't much worse than your average DDO skeletal mages. Nothing new for tricks under their sleeves, but they're still as deadly as the others. Your group should try to take them out ASAP before everyone gets held and the quest is lost.

  1. Turn left to find a lever which disables a forcefield. The first optional Xorian Cipher rune is located here as well. Dodge the chaos ball! It casts a random spell on your DDO characters whenever you touch it. Sometimes good, sometimes disintegrate.
  2. Make your way to the big room. Up top is an nearly invisible bridge. This room also has a secret door with lots of goodies. It can contain (once you have the keys) the Planar Gird (greater heroism belt), Reaver's Ring (fear immunity item), Chaosgarde (dodge bonus armor class bracers) and the Chaos Band.
  3. Pull the levers to lower forcefields in the halls. Each of these halls has a sideroom which contains an optional scorrow boss and one of the Xorian Cipher treasure vault keys. This is a good time to go try your luck after defeating the Wraith vault guardian. At the end of the halls are 4 rune steps.
  4. Have a character stand on each of the rune steps. This closes off the previous area and splits the group. It is very important that the west team is able to stay alive.
  5. East team pulls the lever in their room. It opens a door on west side, and triggers a never-ending skeleton ambush. It's easy to hide from them.
  6. West side has to complete a puzzle in their room. When all the circle tiles are lit jump down the gate to the east side.
  7. Defeat the frostmarrow skeleton brothers who've spawned in the Xorian Cipher. These are a bit more dangerous than most of the other skeletal creatures you've fought. A shrine is open now as well, to the north. Try running there to fight if it's a difficult battle.
  8. Proceed down the east hall. Rows of skeletal archers and traps await.
  9. Head north to find the final key for the Xorian Cipher items. This opens the chest which can contain the Planar Gird, and the reason most people do the quest. It also has a scorpion that you must kill for more experience.
  10. Go back and grab all your treasure! Be careful of traps. Good luck getting those amazing DDO items.
  11. Head back to the hall you were just at, and go south this time. Continue going south until you reach the door.
  12. This is the Xorian Cipher boss battle. You will encounter several elves and tharaak hounds. These dogs are nasty! They can do acidic damage over time with their breath. They also have the Phantasmal Killer ability. Put on your deathblock or resistance items and hope for the best. Once most of the stuff is killed a Hound of Madness will spawn.
  13. Kill him and loot the chests. Congratulations, you're done!


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