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Year Walk Guide - Lost/The Future

Updated on November 14, 2015
One of the trial puzzles
One of the trial puzzles

The Trials

Now that you've practically ripped apart the fabric of time and space, it's safe to assume that you've successfully year walked and that the only thing standing between you and the future that you so badly want to see are a few trials.

  1. The First Trial - This one is extremely easy, all you need to do is to click around the crystals in front of the smaller crystals that are attached to it. A small black dot will fly from where you clicked and break the gems.
  2. The Second Trial - Also simple, just click and drag the crystal downwards. Keep going until the faces of the crystal turns grey.
  3. The Third Trial - Don't be confused by the house on this one. Just click on the drawings around by the amount of dots on them. Meaning click them in ascending order, 1 dot first, them 2 dots, 3 dots. etc.
  4. The Fourth Trial - The most difficult of the five. Click on the side of the screen and start turning in a clockwise manner. When a shard locks into the large crystal, turn back and start moving in a counter-clockwise manner. Continue until all the shards are in place.
  5. The Fifth Trial - This one is also easy, just spin the Church Grim's head around towards the left until it loses its shape.


Okay, this is just a small scene after the Trial Puzzles and I won't go too deep into it cause *spoilers* *spoilers* and basically *spoilers*. Anyway! at this scene you'll find yourself in the same woods, however, not only is it morning but you also seem to have gone past winter. All you need to do is keep scrolling to the right until you find what you need to find. Trust me you can't possibly miss it unless the game hates you and crashes your whole PC along with blinding you.

The Real Ending

This actually happens right after the ending song and credits start playing, so don't exit the game after that last part. The credits will be short and will be interrupted at the Simogo logo. The screen will then start "speaking" to you, saying North of the mill and South of the Brook. You'll then be asked if you want to walk again. Of course you would.

So to do this, you're going to have to start all over again from the very beginning. Even before you met lady love at the windmill.

From your house pan:

  • Left then up to leave your house
  • Move left until you find the small wooden box in the snow

Now technically you don't have to meet Stina at the windmill again, but if you really want to then you can go. I don't recommend it though as there's really nothing new to find there. If you chose not to go then let's move on to the next part.

Basically, North of the Mill and South of the Brook doesn't mean that you need to walk all the way back there. All you need to do is open your map and brush your cursor over the North of the mill and South of the brook on your map. The following should be revealed:

  • North of the Mill - theoalm68
  • South of the Brook - 1894

The wooden box that's in the snow.
The wooden box that's in the snow.

Opening the Box

Close your map and look for the "Journal" button at the top right corner of the page.

Click on the journal button and type in "theoalm68" in the username block then "1894" as the password and the journal will open.

There are a lot of entries here and I do recommend that you read each and every one of them as it will help you understand the Year Walk universe more and as to what really happened. There's also the fact that the solution to the box is hidden within some of the entries and well if you're too lazy and just want to get it over with then here's the solution:

  • An upside down triangle ()
  • The right half of a circle (D)
  • A square ()
  • An upright triangle (Δ)
  • The bottom half of a circle (No alt code for it, sorry.)

Spin the dial on the box in this order and it will open up. Revealing the contents and the real ending of this amazing game. So amazing that I will call it fabulous.


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