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Year Walk Guide - The Night Raven & The Church Grim

Updated on November 21, 2014

Finding the Night Raven

After going through all the trouble to find little dead babies and bringing them to a swimming horse, all your hard work has flown away with the Night Raven. So now we have to find that raven and take the key back.

To find the raven you'll first need a source of light. Click on the blue flames that were left behind by the Mylings when the Brook Horse took them down into the water. You need to click all four flames as quickly as possible to get them to merge into one large fire ball.

Merging the flames.
Merging the flames.

Now take the flame and with you and this time you don't have to worry about losing the flame, as it won't disappear like the Mylings. Drag the flame and go:

  • Left and up the log
  • To the right and up the stacked up stones
  • Further right past the rune stone and up on the only available path
  • A bit to the left and up on the first path you can take
  • To the left past the shed and down on the first path you can take
  • Move all the way to the right and enter the small bunker at the end of the path

Acquiring the Key

Now that you're in the bunker, drag the flame and bring it inside with you. If you've tried to go into this place before getting the flame, then you probably know that it's pretty dark in there and that is why you need some light source. Also now that you DO have a light source, you'll be able to explore the place a little bit more.

  • Get inside the bunker and take the flame with you as you enter
  • Re-click on the flame as you enter the darkness and drag it with you to the right
  • Keep your eye out for a lot of blood and stop in front of it when you see it
  • Click on the small wooden peg and drag it to the left to reveal a ladder
  • Climb up the ladder and you can pretty much leave the flame down in the hole now
  • Scroll to the right after exiting the darkness and you'll find a dead... thought to be dead raven
  • Click on the raven and it will spring to life
  • Continue clicking on the raven until the Night Rave AKA. large bird that likes to pop-up from a raven's beak, fully exists the raven's body.
  • Take the key and yes, you do need to carry it with you

Opening the Church Gates

So finally! You have the key to open the gate that you've been wanting to go to all along. So take that key, go back down the ladder and go all the way back to the gate that you first chanced upon during the Huldra's sequence. Once the gate opens a puzzle will present itself to you.

Here you'll need to lift up the tombstones with the corresponding numbers of dots. The clues are actually around the forest and inside the bunker, but you wouldn't want to walk all around the forest again, would you? So here's the code:

  • Huldra Tombstone (left most) - 4 dots
  • Brook Horse Tombstone (center) - 2 dots
  • Myling Tombstone (center) - 2 dots
  • Night Raven Tombstone (right most) - 3 dots

The church gates should open now.

Tombstone code
Tombstone code

Church Door Puzzle

As you enter the gates you'll soon find yourself standing in front of a church with nothing else to do. Well of course this is actually a puzzle that you need to solve. To do this:

  • Turn Left
  • Turn Right
  • Turn Left
  • Turn Right
  • Turn Right
  • Turn Left
  • Turn Right

Do keep in mind that as you're turning, you actually need to go around to the back of the church and to the front which is your starting point. The goat's head should make some movement confirming an input (ex. left) as you return to your starting point. To actually go around the church, you'll need to press either A for left or D for right.

The Church Grim

Now you come face to face with the last of the creatures, the Church Grim. He'll just stand right in front of you as if creepily staring at your soul. Okay, so start by lifting his fancy cloak up on the left and right side to reveal his heart, then you'll have to...well, start pounding at it.

Keep on clicking at the heart until it breaks and you can now move on to the next part of the game.

I think I had my heart attaaaaaaaaaaacked! Literally. -Church Grim
I think I had my heart attaaaaaaaaaaacked! Literally. -Church Grim


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