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Year of the Dragon Set by Phoenix Lacquer Art

Updated on August 8, 2012
Year of the Dragon Set - Featuring both colors included in set
Year of the Dragon Set - Featuring both colors included in set
Phoenix Lacquer Art Year of the Dragon Set - includes Custom Crafted Italian Burlwood Box by Agresti
Phoenix Lacquer Art Year of the Dragon Set - includes Custom Crafted Italian Burlwood Box by Agresti
Year of the Dragon Presentation Box - Shown in Open Position
Year of the Dragon Presentation Box - Shown in Open Position

There is something extraordinary about this magnificent writing instrument set created by Phoenix Lacquer Art. As you can imagine, today there are a multitude of pens that are adorned with fine jewelry or hand painted with museum quality artwork worthy of being featured in a world class museum. That being said, why would I describe this particular series as being in a class of its own? In the Chinese culture dragons have symbolized strength, health, harmony and intellect. Those individuals born on the Year of the Dragon are believed to possess the following characteristics: innovative, enterprising, flexible, self assured, brave, passionate, conceited, tactless, scrutinizing, and quick tempered. The artwork on these extremely rare pens is inspired by the Chinese Zodiac, which is not to be confused for the Western Zodiac calendar system. While the Western Zodiac is based on a twelve month solar year, the Chinese Zodiac is based on the lunar year and a 12-year mathematical cycle. Additionally, the Chinese Zodiac is not associated with constellations. The significance of this particular pen will now make perfect sense, as 2012 is the Year of the Dragon! To be more detailed, the year 2012 specifically refers to the Water Dragon.

Phoenix Lacquer Art, teamed up with two of the finest manufacturer’s that span the globe. The artwork is painted on a Visconti pen body created exclusively for Phoenix Lacquer Art. Inna Kaufman, founder of Phoenix Lacquer Art collaborated with Dante del Vecchio, the principal of Visconti to develop a pen that would ultimately match the standards of the artwork that were yet to come. Perhaps the name Visconti or Dante del Vecchio, may sound familiar. I’ve written a few articles on Visconti and Dante before. In fact, Visconti is recognized world over as one of the finest manufacturers of luxury writing instruments. Inna Kaufman was equally selective about the presentation of this work of art. The Inna Kaufman Gallery has been in existence for over 25 years and specializes in Russian Miniature Lacquer Art. If the product looks like a piece of art, and is painted on a world class Visconti Pen, how else would you separate this fine product from a ‘sea of beautiful pens’? Inna Kaufman has the right answer; you take this magnificent pen to the finest jewelry and chest manufacturer on the planet! The presentation box was custom handcrafted by none other than Agresti of Florence, Italy. We have been an authorized Agresti dealer for well over 20 years, and I can say that the workmanship and elegance of an Agresti box is completely unparalleled. We are so enamored by the quality of Agresti, that my brother Eddie made a point of visiting with the Paolo Agresti family while in Florence, and touring their astounding facility first hand. The custom crafted box created for this Phoenix Lacquer Art, Year of the Dragon, Limited Edition Set is a luxurious red burl wood box that was created by Agresti, to the exacting standards specified by Inna Kaufman herself.

According to Chinese Zodiac Calendar, this year begins on January 23rd, 2012 and ends on February 9th, 2013. As mentioned above we are now in the Year of the Dragon based on Eastern Philosophy. The Dragon is said to deliver good fortune and is a master of authority. In Taoist mythology the Jade Emperor is the ruler of Heaven, as well as all existence below, including Man and Hell. The Dragon was identified as one of the four primary benevolent spiritual animals of the Jade Emperor. Although, the Dragon is considered to be of male persuasion, the Phoenix is female. It is quite common that you see the Dragon and Phoenix ornaments in an Asian culture wedding, as they are believed to bring good luck!

The Dragon is a beautiful creature, colorful and flamboyant! I hope you take the time to visit the attached images. I believe you will agree with my assessment that this limited edition set is truly a magnificent article of beauty! These extremely rare limited edition sets are an exclusive of Airline International, with only 3 sets in the entire world. This is the first and only 2-Piece Dragon set ever created. The Dragon Set was painted in the old icon school of Palekh, with egg tempera and gold leaf.


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