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Yogi Bear Items

Updated on December 28, 2010

Having Fun with Yogi Bear

We only have a chance to be a kid once. The memories we form as a child will be with us for a long time. My parents took me to Yellowstone as a child and I had more fun there than I did at Disneyland. When I first saw Yogi Bear on television, I projected my memories of Yellowstone onto Jellystone. Yogi Bear and Boo Boo Bear are wholesome cartoons for children to watch.

Are your kids or grand kids in love with Yogi Bear and Boo Boo Bear? Are you looking for a family oriented gift for them? Here are some great gift ideas:

  • Yogi Bear Video Game - The best Yogi game ever made was released in December of 2010 for the Nintendo DS and the Wii. In this game you play Yogi and travel through beautiful scenery to take pictures of endangered animals. There are absolutely no weapons in this game and the challenge is to slide, run, belly crawl, and find a way to take pictures of the animals. Yogi gets to fly an ultralight and use a boat to keep things exciting in his hunt for the perfect picture. For more games check out Yogi Bear Games.
  • Yogi Bear DVDs - Yogi Bear has been featured in a lot of movies and several television series. There is an excellent selection of these available from Amazon (see links below).
  • Yogi Bear Dolls & Figures - How do you get a boy to play with a doll? Just call it an action figure! On a more serious note, these dolls (and figures) will encourage a child's natural imagination. For more toys, check out Yogi Bear Toys
  • Jellystone Park - Are you looking for a fun place to enjoy some time with your children? If so, you might want to consider taking them (or him or her) to Jellystone Park for a fun time.

Be sure to have some fun with your kids and grand kids. We only live once and when they grow up it will be to late to make new memories.


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