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Yogi Bear Toys

Updated on January 31, 2013

Fond Memories of Yogi Bear

It seems like it was just yesterday. My parents took us kids to Yellowstone National Park where I saw bears, elk, and gave acorns to squirrels. I caught a garter snake (I called them "gardner snakes") and saw old faithful. We camped at night and I burnt some marshmallows. I still have fond memories of Yellowstone Park, and probably, unlike most kids, enjoyed it more than Disneyland.

So that Christmas when my grandparents gave us a small black and white television, I was easily hooked on Yogi Bear. Jellystone park reminded me of Yellowstone Park, where I even remembered reading the signs "Do not feed the Bears". I always rooted for Yogi, although his companion Boo-Boo bear was always warning him about ranger Smith. But Yogi would just tell Boo-Boo, "I'm smarter than the average bear!". Just when you thought Yogi would get a "pic-a-nic basket", Ranger Smith would pop out of nowhere, scolding poor old Yogi.

The new 2010 movie version of Yogi Bear brings life back to these old memories. Dan Akroyd does the voice of Yogi, Justin Timberlake does the voice of Boo-Boo, and Tom Cavanagh plays the ranger. The plot involves Yogi teaming up Ranger Smith to save Jellystone park from being razed for development. It is a funny lighthearted movie.

Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo Bear action figures are perfect for young kids. Playing with these toys as a kid, I would have had Yogi coming up with intricate plots, while Boo-Boo would be giving me warnings. As an adult, I see Boo-Boo as Yogi's conscience. You could even use these action figures yourself for helping teach your children moral lessons. Hold the Yogi doll figure (lowering your voice) and have him say some idea that your child is always getting in trouble for, then use the Boo-Boo doll figure (raising your voice) to say why that would be such a bad idea.

I have some ads from Amazon on this hub and if you order through them, you can avoid sales tax in most states. Besides, you can also save money on gas and avoid the hassle of driving to the toy store. I loved Yogi as a child and I imagine your children or grandchildren will feel the same way.

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