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You Leveled Up! How to Increase Your Skill Tree!

Updated on March 7, 2018

Classic Sterotype

With all the negative things going around us with violence and despair, who is to blame? Well lately the scapegoat has been of course video games, "all they do is encourage sex drugs and rock and roll", "People who play video games have no lives and are anti-social", "People lose brain cells playing video games". These statements I have heard could be further from the truth, coming from personal experience I believe I have benefitted from video games and her are some amazing benefits to playing them!

Scapegoat, there is always someone or something to blame
Scapegoat, there is always someone or something to blame

Cognitive Function

Yes, playing video games actually helps with Cognitive Function! Researchers in this APA Article (American Psychological Association) point out that particularly in shooter video games, (in the study they conducted) those who played these video games show faster and more accurate attention allocation with higher spatial resolution in visual processing and enhanced mental rotation abilities.

Furthermore they point out that spatial skills can be trained with video gaming in a rather short period of time, and that the results last for a very long time. These skills also are used for other spatial tasks outside of video gaming! Talk about going 0 to 60!!!

ASAP Science! talking about "Can video games make you smarter?"

Help overcome Dyslexia?

Why yes, yes it can! With Dyslexia there are attention difficulties as being a key component of it. There has been research that has show that dyslexics have improved on their reading comprehension after long sessions with games that have a lot of action in them! Researchers believe it is the games constantly changing environments that require these subjects to have more immense focus.

Overcome it with video games!
Overcome it with video games!

Slow Down Aging?! I will take it!

There are Brain games that involve problem solving, memory and puzzle components that have been show to help the elderly. Researchers at the University of Iowa in Iowa City performed a study with about 681 individuals, ages 50 and older. The researchers were able to find that people who played 10 hours of a specially designed video game that focused on improving the speed and quality of mental processing abilities were in fact able to delay the natural decline of a wide range of cognitive skills. In some cases as much as 7 years! It pays to play memory doesn't it?!

They just got they high score in "Cooking with Martha Stewart!"
They just got they high score in "Cooking with Martha Stewart!"

You found a Med-Kit!!!

Oh No! you have been injured! what are you going to do for those 4-6 months?! That's right! VIDEO GAMES HELP HEAL! Games are helpful in keeping you distracted from the pain, but some of the real benefits to this method are amazing! The main one is that playing actually produces an analgesic response (pain killing) in our higher cortical system and the more immersed we are the better it is for us. Which is why in the future we are hoping for more virtual reality systems in hospitals to help healing faster!

All the Heals.....
All the Heals.....

You will become the Flash!

Internally anyway......With video games there is new information constantly being displayed during game play. Players are forced to adapt quickly and make those split second decisions. Sometimes its between life or death and every second counts! In some studies researchers have even found that players were 25% faster at recognizing images that they had just seen compared to non-players!

This is now your new brain! your welcome.
This is now your new brain! your welcome.

Stress levels decreasing!

So, we have all had that person we just wanted to punch in the face, or rip them apart to shreds right? Well now you don't have to go to jail thanks to the power of gaming! There was a study done in 2010 by Associate Professor Doctor Christopher J. Ferguson who showed both men and women playing video games long-term. Those men and women that played long term seemed to adopt mental skills to handle stress and become less depressed and get less hostile during these tasks.

This study had 103 participants that were given a frustrating task. They were categorized into 4 groups, no game, a non-violent game, a violent game with good versus evil game, and a game in which they played the "bad guy". The results proved that players that played the violent games had reduced depression and hostile feelings through mood management!

come on down to relax!
come on down to relax!

Upgrade your Vision!

You think this would go against our current believes that siting in front of a computer screen reduces your vision overall, but in fact in can actually help your vision improve! With Longer cables for our controllers and even wireless ones now, we are able to sit on the oposite side of the room reducing the stress on our eyes.

Computer gaming for example forces you to look for details on the screen and to help distinguish between different shades of color. This definitely helps when you are out and about and you will happen to notice the smaller details and notice more colors.

People with Lazy Eyes had signs of improvement as well. Studies that were conducted forced people to cover their good eye while using the lazy eye to go about the study. The muscles around the lazy eye are then forced to adjust and focus more on the detail of the screen. This arrived at a point where this was no longer a problem.

Be careful what you say!
Be careful what you say!

Surgeon: "Controller...." Nurse: "Excuse me?" Surgeon: "You know what I said!"

So this one comes out of the blue but it is a very true fact! Surgeon's who have played video games will have better Hand Eye coordination then Surgeon's who have not played and be able to do far more intricate surgery's! When you play these video games you must look at details on the screen, make quick decisions and keep stress levels down to a minimum. Surgeons have to perform with no error what so ever. Maybe you would prefer one with a steadier hand, no?

Everyone's favorite operating game!
Everyone's favorite operating game!

How About Now?

So how about now? Did i change your mind? Video games are very fun, but they are also an incredible tool. They can bring people from all across the world together and help people in ways you have never thought of before. There are gamer's of all ages across the entire world! So before you go out their and think that "video games are the cause of everything bad!" Can you just give them a chance? See how wonder ful they truly are!

If you would like some more info, i have a video right down below here from Neurologist Daphne Bavelier who talks more about the Benefits of gaming and how truly amazing they are!

Neurologist Daphne Bavelier protects Us, The Gamers!


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