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You Might Be An Otaku

Updated on April 24, 2014

...You Might Be An Otaku

  • If you own at least 20 different complete anime series on DVD
  • If you bought the English (or whatever is your native language) DVD/BluRay and purposefully turn on Japanese Audio with Subs, especially Dragonball Z
  • If you can name more than 30 anime off the top of your head
  • If you know more than 2 anime that never mainstreamed in America
  • If you import games from Japan
  • If you know Mech anime besides Gundam, Evangelion, Big O and Robotech.
  • If parts of your vocabulary are now permanently changed to a line from your favourite anime and you even use the characters' voices
  • If you always strike a pose like your favourite anime character(s) during normal conversations
  • If you have more than 2 different outfits at an anime convention that's less than a week long
  • If you subscribe to Jump and pay the extra money for it to be imported
  • If you have a shelf of anime figurines, but have 3x's more still in the box
  • If you complain about censorship of anime every time you watch them (and we're not just talking about fan service)
  • If you know that an American release had blatantly gotten away with murder and changed the original story of an anime
  • If you stream newly aired episodes of Japanese anime with fan subs every week
  • If you write 50+ fanfics and your only regular readers are your own friends
  • If you cosplay as certain characters to gain the attention of fangirls/fanboys
  • If your head is buried in your sketchpad during class
  • If you have a 37 page argument with someone on Facebook about the personality of a character on a "what if" scenario
  • If you watched all of Excel Saga and understood every single reference made (about 20-30 per episode)
  • If you can tell the whole storyline of all the Gundam series prior to G-Gundam and how they're all connected
  • If you have ever crossplayed because you absolutely loved that character
  • If you ever made your own props and/or costumes for conventions
  • if your copy of MUGEN only has anime characters in it
  • If 80% or more of your video games are Japanese
  • If you learned how to read Katakana, Hiragana and Kanji because of manga and video games
  • If you wanted to vomit at Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty" music video and then kill her
  • If you were completely obsessed with Hello Kitty before and/or without ever watching the anime
  • If you ever tried mimicking every single fighting style of all the anime you've ever seen
  • If you ever paid close attention to all the side notes in Holyland and History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi to learn how to fight
  • If you ever cried when your favourite character was about to die, and you prayed out loud for them not to die
  • If you actually have anime-themed underwear
  • If your pajamas is a onesee that showcases your favourite anime
  • If you ever played with your anime figurines while you watched the anime, recreating what's on the screen
  • If you own every single SNES anime game
  • If you can predict what happens in most anime that never mainstreamed
  • If when there's fan service is on the screen, you're complaining about a mistake in the background
  • If you can catch any and all references made in anime
  • If you can tell who the artist is just by watching one scene of an anime or reading 1 page of a manga
  • If you have memorized 100% of any anime/manga
  • If all your metaphors refer to anime characters
  • If you compare everyone you meet reminds you of some anime character instead of another real person
  • If you spent endless hours/days/weeks/months/years to learn Japanese so you don't even have to have subs when watching anime.
  • If you know which anime are actually sequels/prequels to others even though it was never advertised or announced
  • If Bakuman changed your life
  • If your life's motto was ripped from 2 or more anime
  • If you turned in at least 50 entries during AMV Hell's events
  • If you want to kill all the translators, management and supervising producers at 4Kids
  • If after having read all the latest or all of a manga, you still watch the anime and complain about the differences while watching the whole thing
  • If you accidentally called your significant other your favourite character's name
  • If you can immediately label which CLAMP story every character in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles is from
  • If more than 1/2 the stuff you own are anime collectibles
  • If you actually bought more than 3 pairs of chopsticks that showcase your favourite anime
  • If you're born outside of Japan, in a non-Japanese home and know more Japanese traditions than any others
  • If you own Hello Kitty, Black Mokona, White Mokona, Puu, Pikachu and Pochacco plushies
  • If you know who Pochacco is
  • If you know about Sarioland and can name all Sario characters on the spot
  • If you know more than 3 characters named Yamato
  • If you know every single anime that even mentions Ieyasu
  • If you know how many different Ranma series there are and who wrote each one
  • If you know how many anime actually followed the manga to a tee
  • If you discovered Star Trek The Next Generation because of the anime
  • If you actually watched all the anime that aired in the mid 90's before they aired west of Asia in the 2000s
  • If you tried getting your pets to act like the animals in anime
  • If you and your friends reenacted an entire episode of an anime in one go without mistakes
  • If you learned how to drive watching Initial D
  • If you tried to do Alchemy by copying every alchemist in Full Metal Alchemist
  • If you call anyone you know named Sebastian, "Bassie"
  • If you ended up taking over a panel you attended at a convention because you knew more than the person running it
  • If you can actually name cosplayers' characters purely off their costumes, especially the non-mainstream ones
  • If you ever watched anime after dinner and kept telling yourself "one more episode" and it was sunrise before you realized it
  • If your screenname/e-mail is based on your favourite anime character(s)
  • If you've ever read or watched secret episodes/manga that were temporary releases that told the missing storylines (example: the Dragonball 3-volume set that told Goku's story from the end of Dragonball to the beginning of Dragonball Z)
  • If you own more than 3 complete sets of manga, have read all of them over 10 times and are still not bored with them
  • If you actually read xxxHolic and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles together to see the pages where their stories overlapped (or identify the ones that weren't an obvious overlap)
  • If you didn't know about Witchblade until the anime came out
  • If you noticed anime references in non-anime video games
  • If you can label all the different anime/manga that X's Sora can be found in
  • If you can easily identify which manga/anime are shoujo or shounen with just a glance
  • If you ever believed that you could do Instant Transmission and tried it
  • If an episode of Gundam Wing changed your life
  • If your roleplays in the bedroom involve anime/hentai
  • If "Burst Link" actually means something to you
  • If every time you hear someone say something you heard on an anime (whether on purpose or not) you hear it in the original Japanese voice actor's voice from that anime
  • If you bought the Outlaw Star box set just for the real episode 23
  • If you unconsciously adopt your favourite anime characters' habits as your own (example: how Shintaro Midorima adjusts his glasses)
  • If you know what "Hasshin Shimasu!" references
  • If you actually think people call out the name of their techniques before attacking
  • If you can label everything wrong with an anime version of any manga
  • If you own a Haro
  • If your room is 90%+ filled with anime paraphernalia
  • If you dress up as your favourite anime character on a regular day
  • If, when cosplaying, you stressed out about every single strand of hair that didn't look right
  • If you heard someone talking about RAM on a computer, and you thought they were talking about Dance Dance Revolution
  • If you're super picky about what shade of colour your cosplay coloured contacts would be when you're purchasing them, when normal people can't even tell the difference
  • If the word "Sakura" makes you think of cute girls in dresses instead of cherry blossoms
  • If you actually know all of Mokona's 108 Secret Techniques
  • If you can draw an entire cast of anime characters without a reference
  • If you write more fanfics than Star Wars fans.


As many of you know, all the best items are from overseas, but a true Otaku knows where to get them at affordable prices. Forget going to your local mall for the overpriced stuff. An Otaku will always know how to get their hands on what they want for cheap.

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    • starmasayume profile image

      Sarah 3 years ago from Florida

      I'd say I fit about 50 percent of this list. Some more extreme and others to a lesser degree. Still a funny read and I know there are otaku out there that would fit the ones I don't.