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You Won’t Find Edward In Aetolia

Updated on November 9, 2011

Zigana, a vampire denizen from Iron Realms Entertainment

Debunking Common Twi-Hard Myths in a Popular MMORPG by Iron Realms Entertainment

Okay, I lied. You will find Edward in the RPG game Aetolia! And he was born on 22nd of Arios, year 106 of the Midnight Age. However, it’s unlikely that he fits the profile of the popular character in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. It’s also doubtful that he’ll play hero to your Bella Swan. And it’s pretty much a guarantee that he won’t sparkle in sunlight, either! (Unless his skin is popping and crackling; then it might sparkle just a little.)

Since the release of bloodthirsty characters like Nosferatu and Dracula into early 1900’s fiction, brooding blokes and broads alike have lusted after the idea of an immortality spent sleeping in coffins by day and stalking prey by night. Aetolia, a popular roleplaying game from Iron Realms Entertainment, satisfies the iconic definition of a vampire with unique twists to avoid being just another cliche!

TWI-HARD MYTH: Vampires sparkle in sunlight.
AETOLIA TRUTH: No they don’t! A real vampire walking out in daylight yields terrible effects, worse than any mortal sun allergy. They can include dizziness, fire, and maybe even death! In the RPG game Aetolia, the choice to become a vampire means giving up the sun’s rays in exchange for immortality. Lucky for members of the Consanguine, the game has a configuration that turns all otherwise white text a somber grey hue from the moment darkness falls until dawn’s first light!

TWI-HARD MYTH: Vampires don’t need fangs, just strong, piercing teeth.
AETOLIA TRUTH: Like it or not, if you’re roleplaying a vampire in Aetolia then you’re getting a new pair of deadly sharp, pearly whites! Teeth won’t be your primary weapon in this RPG game; your fingers will end in deadly claws! With a low hiss, vampires in Aetolia launch towards their victims and use their claws to batter the poor individuals in a frenzied flurry of strikes.

TWI-HARD MYTH: Vampires can’t turn into other creatures.
AETOLIA TRUTH: Want to bet on that one? Aetolia vampires can turn into several forms -- bats, wolves, or even an ethereal mist! While each form limits the RPG player’s abilities, the form of the bat gives otherwise non-flying races the power to travel on currents of air; and the ethereal form renders them immune to most attacks as well as the effects of sunlight in the game!

TWI-HARD MYTH: Vampires each have an unique ability.
AETOLIA TRUTH: The uniqueness of these RPG game vampires is limited to their physical descriptions and personality traits. While there may be some fluctuation in how potent a skill is, basic powers like breathing underwater, regenerating health more quickly in a graveyard, and having slightly reduced bleeding damage are traits common to all undead.

TWI-HARD MYTH: Vampires only need to feed twice a month to keep hunger under control.
AETOLIA TRUTH: In the RPG game Aetolia, vampires only need to feed as necessary. Most combat attacks require the use of blood, so it’s primarily the combat-heavy ones will feel the need to feed more often. If you have a way to self-regenerate blood and aren’t really into physical prowess, you could potentially go for quite some time without having to feed!

Having sacrificed their souls for the dark magics of blood and forsaken the ability to feel sunlight on their skin without severe pain, vampires in the RPG game Aetolia lean more towards the characters of Bram Stoker and Ann Rice than the ones Stephanie Meyer introduced to the world. While the idea of a “light vampire” has its merits, don’t be disappointed if your first trip into Aetolia finds you alongside characters who are more like Lestat de Lioncourt rather than Edward Cullen.


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