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Your Favorite Hobbies

Updated on February 21, 2012

We go to work everyday, and on our hours off after work or even weekends in which we do not work we like to do something that makes us happy. Everyone is different in what they like to do because that is what makes each person unique from each other. We all have different hobbies, maybe some people have the same hobby without knowing but it is always good to have something to do when we have time to ourselves.

For example, I really like to read in my spare time. A lot of people would call me a bookworm, which depending how interesting the book is, I can really dig into a book. I usually read in the morning and at night, it helps me start my day. Another thing, that I like to do is watch movies when I can. I really wasn't into watching movies a lot, but now I am into movies. I like to just watch the ones that really get my interest because they keep me awake. There are times when I will go to the movies with a friend but most of the time I wait until they come out on DVD.

I also like to surf the net and get on my hub page so I can write blogs because I also like to write about what interests me or what has been on my mind. This one may seem like a weird hobby to most people but I really like to workout, it has turned into a routine that I have learned to love and enjoy very much. It gives me the energy that I need to continue on with my evening or day.

Hobbies and interests are important to have because it is easy to get bored most of the time. I am sure you have had times where you are sitting down saying to yourself, what should I do and you just stare into space, even I have had those moments. Hobbies can show others what your personality may be like, depending on how you look at it. How many times do they ask you, what are your interests or your hobbies? Even when you get interviewed sometimes they ask you that question and that is when it hits you. You are like wow, what are my interests, what do I like to do, how do I spend my free time?


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