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Here's How to Make Your Own First Stamp Album

Updated on July 8, 2014

Make Your Own Album and Then Fill 'er Up!

Making a stamp album is child's play, literally, as many

children love to spend time building their collection from a

album they have made themselves, from the ground up,

but that doesn't make it something adults wouldn't get a kick

out of either! Many parents help their kids to make a stamp

album and then have the even greater fun, and greater challenge,

of filling that album with wonderful treasures.

If you make the
stamp album itself, can give you more
flexibility in how to organize and present
the stamps.

For people who want to skip this
step, a number of hobby and craft stores sell
ready-made stamp albums, sometimes with a
starter pack of stamps to get started.

Free make your own stamp album Download - make your own stamp ...

It lets you create your own album pages quickly easily. AlbumEasy is an easy to use layout program for designing custom stamp album pages. EzStamp will help your organize your collection quickly easily, giving you more time to enjoy your hobby.The finest stamp collecting software... SemtlAlbum is a digital album making tool that enables everyone to make a digital album easily

Stamp Collection Gallery of Photos

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To make a stamp album

Making my own Stamp Album - Stamp Community Forum

Welcome guest, we're glad you're here but right now you cannot interact with other members. Going to use 3 ring binders, and considering card stock. I suggest trying the search function using "album pages" in the title and see what pops up. If the ink is not touching the stamp itself, I would not be concerned about special ink.

A stamp album serves multiple functions. In
the first sense, of course, it displays the
collections of stamps, so you can view them.
The album also organizes stamps in a way that
makes sense for you, and it protects them
against the elements. To make a stamp album,
buy a binder of some sort, along with
acid-free paper. A three ring binder is
classic and simple, but there are several
different styles available including ring
binders with clamps that hold the pages or
covers with sticks instead of rings. You
should also pick up a packet of stamp mounts,
clear plastic sleeves that can be stuck to
the pages in the album so you can place
stamps in the album without damaging their
backing. You may want to consider using
software to create a stamp album. The
software can help to create an organizing
system for you, and it will generate
templates that you can print on acid-free
paper and insert into your binder. You can
also keep a handwritten list of your
collection and decorate the pages by hand, be
careful where you print the pages, which you
do not want the ink to bleed through and
damage the stamps. Once you've put together a
stamp album, it's time to start filling it.
Many amateur stamp collectors rely on free
sources of stamps. The best place to start is
the mailbox, and you can also ask friends and
family to send in interesting stamps they
receive. Online bulletin boards allow stamp
collectors to exchange stamps, you might find
a collector in another part of the world who
want stamps from your country that will deal
with you. You can also make a stamp album to
a group activity for a household or classroom
on the Internet a wide collection of
beautiful stamps.

If you want to invest in stamp collecting
when you make a stamp album, you can buy mint
stamps that have not been used. Stamp
collectors can also buy rare or interesting
stamps on auction and in stores.

In all cases, you should handle your stamps
carefully, make sure to use stamp mounts to
place stamps in the stamp album, stamp and
use pliers to manipulate the stamps when you
need to handle them.

You can organize your
stamp collection as you like. Some people
like the team-themed pages with stamps that
have similar themes or design, for example,
while others like to organize their stamps by

For more information about the
stamps in general, have your local library
probably have some books on philately,
otherwise known as the study of stamps.

of these books contain a section that tells
you how to identify and determine the value
of the stamps.


Stamp Collection,Care for Stamps
Just like stamp collection requires a lot of time similarly taking good care of those stamps is vitally important. Stamp Collection involves a schematic arrangement of the collected stamps and preserving their quality. Making a Stamp album for your collection would be the ultimate way to preserve your hard earned stamps. You could design your own stamp album by punching a set of handmade paper together either with a ribbon or getting it spiral bounded.

Learn About Making Your Very Own Stamp Album
Collecting and bringing stuff together is fun and it can be rewarding too when your collection gets noticed by other people who may even want to buy your collection. Before you decide on starting a stamp collection you must first determine what kind or type of stamps you are going to collect. To start off your stamp collection, make sure you are equipped with the very basic stamp collecting tools like a stamp album, tongs, hinges, a perforation gauge, a magnifying glass and a watermark sensing device. You can start a stamp collecting hobby for pleasure but when you haev already mastered this hobby then you can turn it into a money making venture.


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