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Your first steps in Mobile Strike

Updated on January 1, 2017

What is Mobile Strike?

Mobile Strike is a free-to-play strategy game developed by Epic-Wars and is available for both Apple iOS (iPhone) and Android devices. The basic premise of the game is to build a strong base, a well designed army under a commander whose skills and gears you have carefully crafted to be victorious against other players around the world. You are placed in a kingdom or "state" in which you will grow, create, attack and be attacked. All the while you are creating new friendships and gaming partners to work with as you design the best base you can.

Once you have designed and built your base and improved your commander's skills you can attack other bases on a world map. Also, as part of an alliance of bases and commanders, you are able to rally as a much more powerful force to overcome stronger bases. Your ultimate goal is to own your state's Control Point, the ultimate base within your state that allows you to bestow great honors and titles to others within the state.

As a state matures and grows, it will be pitted against other states in a "State vs. State" (SvS). This is when each base is now fighting for its state and attempting to destroy enemy bases and troops in other states. You will teleport your base into the other state and do your best to ransack the bases and generate points for your state so it can be victorious and earn great rewards for all bases in your state.

The first 5 steps

To be victorious in Mobile Strike takes a little bit of learning as you work through a game play that has a broad set of factors that need to be considered before you can start capturing other commanders and destroying their bases to show your superior strategic ability!

Let's lay out the initial steps to play:

  • Download Mobile strike from the AppStore (iPhone) or PlayStore (Android)
  • Install the game
  • Follow the tutorial
  • Make sure you know how to check and maintain your Peace Shield
  • Joining an alliance

Download and Install Mobile Strike

While most are familiar with the download and install method for their phone (if you are, you can skip this section).

iPhone users:

  1. Find Appstore icon, click on it
  2. Search for "Mobile Strike"
  3. Select and install Mobile Strike (confirm that it is developed by Epic-Wars)

Android users:

  1. Find (Google) Play icon, click on it
  2. Search for "Mobile Strike"
  3. Select and install Mobile Strike (confirm that it is developed by Epic-Wars)

You can now find the Mobile Strike icon, and double click it to start playing!

The Tutorial

The tutorial is useful and efficient way to learn some of the menus and actions that you can take as a commander of your base. Learning the basic menus and functions will help you survive those early days when the bullies will be looking for small, new bases that they can burn to the ground. Paying attention during this tutorial can save you a lot of time hunting for resources and rebuilding your base and troops.

So the tutorial is done, a few minutes pass and now you have a couple of buildings set up, but no idea what to do next! Or maybe you read about the 'nerf', fake rallies, baiting and being capped, in chat, but you have no idea what any of this means. Well, in this hub we will help you through your first day as commander.

Example Tutorial Steps

Example Tutorial Steps
Example Tutorial Steps | Source

Use Shields!

The golden rule for any new player, do not let your base shield drop. In any active kingdom if your shield drops, it won't take long for some overpowered bully to come and raze your base to the ground, steal your commander and have him languish in their prison for three, yes THREE, days! There is no worse feeling than thinking you finally are getting somewhere, have an army built, gear on your commander...then you login and see handcuffs where your commander should be, flames coming out of your base, realizing that your army is destroyed and your commander captured.

Our recommendation is to set a reminder alarm for you to reset your shield 1-2 hours before the shield expires. This will normally give you ample time to login to the game and reset the shield. In order to check the remaining time and reset your shield, follow the steps below (make sure you are in your base view):

  1. Click on the icon right below the gold offers
  2. Review time remaining on your peace shield (if any)
  3. Click on the arrow next to peace shield to bring up options for different peace shield lengths that can be used or bought.
  4. Select a shield you can afford (we recommend minimum 24h)
  5. Reset the alarm on your phone to remind you to come and shield

While shields come in various lengths (8 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days and 30 days) - we strongly recommend using at least a 24 hour peace shield, preferably 3 day shields at the beginning of your Mobile Strike adventure. Using 8 hours shields is very dangerous as it will likely end while you are sleeping and then you will be waking to a commander in someone else's prison.

Once you have set your shield, we advise making sure you go to the map view and check that you peace shield is active, occasionally communication between the application and game servers isn't perfect and the shield isn't active - don't log off without checking!

In summary:

  1. Check your peace shield is active and how much time is left
  2. If it is less than 2 hours, reset with at least a 24h shield
  3. Set an alarm (on your phone perhaps) to remind you to reset 1-2 hours before the shield is up
  4. Do not ignore alarm
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 while building your base!

Checking and Replacing Peace Shield


Join an Alliance

With the tutorial done, your peace shield in place, the next big step is to join an alliance. Joining an alliance brings many positive benefits for a new player. Specifically:

  • Experienced players - Usually alliances are started by experience players that can help you make good decisions about research, which training to do, which gear to create and wear and ultimately which bases are good to attack to get your battle experience.
  • Resource sharing - Most alliances will have some players that buy more or are willing to share their resources. If you are short on oil or iron, just ask in your alliance chat and watch the transports roll in.
  • Gifts - As players in your alliance buy gold packs they will contribute free gifts to all players within the alliance. Typically you have 24 hours to claim them through the alliance tab at the bottom. These gifts can be very useful at the beginning of your career as they bring resources, speeds, shields among other useful materials.
  • Comradery - Of course, being a part of an alliance brings a lot of fun and trash talking along with knowledge. Spend time in your alliance chatroom and enjoy the social aspect as you also discuss strategy and base improvements.
  • Rally/Attack notifications - If your base comes under attack from a rival alliance, being rallied by multiple bases at the same time, you alliance will get notifications and they get a hold of you and let you know that you are under attack. There are lots of eyes looking out for you.

In order to join an alliance, select the "Alliance" tab at the bottom of any game view and select the Alliance you would like to join (see steps in graphic below). If the Alliance is "open enrollment" you will see a button that says "Join" which you click and are immediately added to that alliance. Sometimes alliances are "closed enrollment" so they can be more selective about who they add. If an alliance is closed enrollment there will be a button that says "Apply", you can click this but will only be added to the alliance once your account has been reviewed by their leadership.

Joining Alliance

Joining Alliance
Joining Alliance | Source

Next Steps...

There are millions of possibilities and actions within the game and next steps include building, training troops, completing research and learning about gear that your commander can wear. In the next hub we will cover a detailed review of the buildings and the most efficient way to build your base.

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