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Yu-Gi-Oh: Which Dragon Are You?

Updated on January 20, 2017
Jeremy Gill profile image

Jeremy enjoys dueling in-between working as a chemical analyst and campus building manager.

Masked Dragon
Masked Dragon

Yu-Gi-Oh and Dragons

Yu-Gi-Oh features several types of monsters, including fiends, fairies, sea serpents, dinosaurs, and of course dragons. Likely the most popular type due to their awesome designs, dragons usually wield high Attack and Defense scores to quickly overwhelm opponents, though some have a few tricky effects.

Today, you can take a quiz to determine the dragon that best corresponds to your personality, and then view some of these amazing behemoths. Let's begin!

Your Dragon

Which monster are you?

See results

Excellent, now we can view the various results below!

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Attack: 2800. Defense: 2400.

You are the overwhelming, dark-attributed, and adjective-loving Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. Your strength and defense are worthy of note, but your true power lies in your effects. You are easily summoned, allowing your powers to be used without sacrificing other monsters. Additionally, you are capable of calling forth other dragons to quickly obliterate enemy forces. You are an advanced form of the classic Red-Eyes Black dragon, whose menacing theme may be listened to here.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Attack: 4500. Defense: 3800.

You are the mighty and light-attributed Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Your incredible force is utilized when three normal Blue-Eyes White Dragons are fused into one powerful behemoth. You have no effect; your amazing strength will break through most defenses. Additionally, your presence opens up the use of some powerful magic and trap cards that require you to function. You are one of the most popular and well-respected dragons, and it's easy to see why. Your awe-inducing theme may be listened to here.

Stardust Dragon
Stardust Dragon

Stardust Dragon

Attack: 2500. Defense: 2000.

You are the heroic and wind-attributed Stardust Dragon. Your offensive and defensive capabilities aren't bad, but you excel with your excellent ability. You can sacrifice yourself to negate any effect that destroys card(s), then you are reborn, capable of repeating the cycle. Your presence negates many plays an opponent can make, and you are called forth using the unique "Synchro Summoning" method; you tend to be easier to use than most dragons. You can listen to your final form's (Majestic Star Dragon) heroic theme here.

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

Attack: 2500. Defense: 2000.

You are the red and green-eyed, dark-attributed Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. Your attack and defense are decent, and you come with some helpful abilities. You double any damage you deal to enemy monsters, and you can potentially reduce your own battle damage. As a "Pendulum" monster, you can help set the "Pendulum Scale", a technique that enables your side to call forth multiple and powerful monsters. At first glance, you may not appear as strong as some dragons, but you are not to be underestimated.

Black Rose Dragon
Black Rose Dragon

Black Rose Dragon

Attack: 2400. Defense: 1800.

You are the bloodthirsty and fire-attributed Black Rose Dragon. Your scores are relatively low (compared to the other dragons), but you come with two powerful abilities. When you are summoned using the Synchro Summon technique, you can destroy every monster, magic, and trap card that has been played, ruining the plans of your enemies. Even if you choose not to do this, you may reduce the attack of an opponent to zero, easily outclassing them. Others would do well to remember your talents.

Rainbow Dragon
Rainbow Dragon

Rainbow Dragon

Attack: 4000. Defense: 0.

You are the formidable Rainbow Dragon, a light-attributed monster. Your giant white body bears multi-colored jewels. You may only be summoned once the seven "Gem Beast" monsters have been defeated; a lengthy process, but one worthy of your might. Your low defense is offset by your incredible attack, and you come with two abilities. One can destroy fellow monsters to bolster your own attack further, and another can place used cards back into each player's deck. Your effects and power create a formidable combatant who, once summoned, is incredibly destructive.

Red Eyes Card. Standard effect monster cards are orange.
Red Eyes Card. Standard effect monster cards are orange.

Future Examinations

This concludes today's quiz. We still have plenty of awesome dragons from Yu-Gi-Oh to cover; I hope to see you in future quizzes and countdowns. For now, feel free to view the cards of our dragons below, and thank you for reading!

Blue Eyes Card. It's purple because it's a "fusion" monster.
Blue Eyes Card. It's purple because it's a "fusion" monster.
Stardust Dragon Card. As a Synchro Monster, Stardust is a white card.
Stardust Dragon Card. As a Synchro Monster, Stardust is a white card.
Odd-Eyes Card. Pendulum monsters, like Odd-Eyes, display a multi-colored card.
Odd-Eyes Card. Pendulum monsters, like Odd-Eyes, display a multi-colored card.
Black Rose Dragon, another Synchro Monster.
Black Rose Dragon, another Synchro Monster.
Rainbow Dragon Card.
Rainbow Dragon Card.


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    • Jeremy Gill profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeremy Gill 

      4 years ago from Louisiana

      No shame in that, Miran. In fact, winning some tournaments is great. Yu-Gi-Oh is often marketed as a children's product, and in some aspects it is, but in its structure exists a deep strategy game that individuals of any age can enjoy. But anyway, Blue-Eyes is awesome, and thanks for the feedback!

    • profile image

      Miran Shuleta 

      4 years ago

      Incredible to admit but Yu-Gi-Oh was my whole life at a point lol. I had a huge card collection and even won a couple of tournaments in England. I'm very old school so I would have to choose Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Great Hub as always.


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