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Catching Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres in Pokémon Platinum: Easy Way to Catch Without All The Running

Updated on January 30, 2013

Don't bother running after Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos all over Sinnoh. Let them come to you.

The three First Generation Legendary bird Pokémon are available in Pokémon Platinum. To be able to catch them, a few things need to be completed first:

- Beat the Elite Four

- Get the National Pokedex from Oak.

- Get the Pokémon Tracker app. for your Poketch.

- Visit Pal Park and talk to Professor Oak again.

Once you've done this last step, Professor Oak will move to Eterna City. Find him in the 'lowest' house in the city, right near the bottom before the cycle path. He will tell you about three bird Pokémon that can be seen roaming Sinnoh. As usual, once he's told you of this, three Pokémon markers will appear on your app., which will move around the map.

As with these moving types of Legends, they will keep switching positions every time you move to a different location (change routes, enter a city or town, cave, etc). Generally it is a case of running around the map, following the markers, until you are both in the same area. Then you have to find which patch of grass or water they will be in. Then it's slowly lowering their HP each time you meet (they never hang around, they will always flee on their visit turn, so be sure to have a Pokémon with high speed to get in any attack). And then it usually takes many thrown balls until they can be caught.

Everyone will have their different methods for the last couple of steps as mentioned above. Certainly things such as putting the Pokémon to sleep or using a move that prevents the opponent escaping are very useful. As are certain types of balls -- Ultra, of course, for having a higher catch rate, but also things such as Quick Balls which are good for lobbing on your first turn.

Cut Out All the Running

For the first step as mentioned above, however, there are ways of cutting out all the running around Sinnoh, hoping to be in the same area as one of the birds.

What I am about to go through may work in other places, but I found this one to work well.

Go to Floaroma City.

Go to the East Route out of the town (heading to the right hand side of the screen). This is route 205.

Route 205 has a bridge across a small expanse of water, and over this bridge is a fairly small patch of grass next to one of those yellow trees. Although Route 205 is a long one, this is the only patch of grass you need.

Stay near to the town. Repeatedly run under the archway, going in and out and in and out of the town.

Every time you go into the town, the Pokémon markers move. Every time you step out onto route 205, the Pokémon markers move.

Eventually one of the markers will appear on route 205. The great thing about this is the marker will always appear in that patch of grass when you step onto the route. Never when you step into the town (giving the pokémon the chance to move elsewhere when you step out onto the route again).

Search the grass until the Pokémon appears (you'll know when, it'll be a different type of battle music).

If unsuccessful, repeat these steps. Keep doing this until all three have been caught.

You don't have to go running after them. Just keep stepping in and out of Floaroma Town until they appear in that patch of grass.


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