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Zavvi Zbox Review

Updated on February 26, 2015

Zbox by Zavvi January 2014 Cosmic Box review.

Zbox are a little different to most other mystery Geek boxes, they don't currently offer a subscription service. You just buy the Zbox when it's a theme that suits, therefore you avoid being disappointed.

I first discovered the Zbox a little before Christmas 2014 the theme was justice league, which suited me perfectly! I love Superman, and everything else DC. I went straight to theZavvi website to order their Zbox, unfortunately id missed out. The Zbox is extremely limited, when the theme is announced you need to order it straight away to avoid missing out.

I was lucky with the cosmic box, when I had missed out on the last box I signed up to be notified when other Zbox's are released.I couldn't wait to get the Zbox opened, here is what I received when I finally opened the box;

Exclusive fully lincensed Star Wars T-shirt, exclusive to Zbox

Baby Groot Dancing Funko POP Vinyl

X-men Days of future past credit card holder, that stick to the back of most phones.

Transformers miniature figure

Terminator Exclusive to Zbox card holder

Popping candy

Dr. Who Sonic screwdriver Key chain.

Star Wars Comic

Zbox magazine

The Zbox is a pretty good box if you don't want to sign up to a subscription, and slowly see your collection grow. I think the Zbox is worth at least £20, but i hope to see the themes improve, as I don't really think The Terminator card holder or Transformers figure really fit the Cosmic Theme.

Zbox isn't my favourite Gekk box, but its still not bad. my favourite thing about it, is that you can just buy them whenever you like.

This months theme is Undead, Zavvi are promising merchandise from The Walking Dead,The Fog and many more. The undead box is sold out, but you can submit your email to be notified when the next Zbox is available to pre-order.

Latest Zbox reveal Undead theme.



The Zbox is a pretty good choice for a monthly mystery geek themed box, the themes vary from month to month, and the fact that you can pick and choose whether or not to buy is what makes it unlike most mystery boxes.

The value of the Zbox's change some months they are worth more than other month, but they are always worth more than £19.99.

So if you would like a mystery box just now and again, and don't fancy subscribing each and every month, then the Zbox is for you!

I hope that's helped people decide whether they would like to give Zbox a chance.

Past Zbox's

Zbox rating.

3 stars for Zbox


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