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Zbox by Zavvi February 2015 Undead review

Updated on February 23, 2015
Undead Zbox revealed
Undead Zbox revealed | Source

Zbox Undead

This will be my second Zbox, the theme of this months is undead. I thought this sounded quite a good theme, because who doesn't love a good zombie movie! After the theme was announced Zavvi tend to give a few details about what type of franchises will be featured in their box.

They annouced that there would be merchandise form The Walking Dead and The Fog and a few other surprises, they can't give it all away!

Here is what I received in the Undead Zbox;

The walking dead Minimates

zombie socks sizes 5-11

Zbox exclusive The Walking Dead button badges

Zombies a living history DVD

United Kingdom Zombie permit badge

The Zbox Undead magazine

Zbox exclusive Undead themed T-shirt

Brain licker candy.

Another Zbox exclusive - green Vinyl record featuring music from John Carpenters the Fog.

To conclude my review.

This has been my favourite Zbox so far, the box costs £19.99 with no subscription.I think that this months box was easily worth £19.99, maybe even more.The mini-mates sell for around £8, the T-shirt £10, the socks between £3-£4, badges £4.Im not sure how much the record would sell for as its an exclusive, but i imagine around £10.

I think this months Zbox is worth around £35, if you where to sell it all separately.

Each Zbox has a themed image printed inside, and a quote. The image in this months Zbox was no other than zombies of course. The quote reads "In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally start living.

The theme for March is retro :). Available for Pre-order.

My Zbox review

4 stars for Zbox review.

inside the box.

Zbox themed box, and quote.
Zbox themed box, and quote. | Source

Zbox undead unboxing


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