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Skyward Sword: How To Beat Abyssal Leviathan Tentalus at the Sandship

Updated on January 28, 2012


This hub is going to explain how to beat the Abyssal Leviathan Tentalus in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Tentalus is the sixth boss of the game and the last boss to require a dungeon item to defeat (in this case, the Bow). Before you can do battle with Tentalus, you need to escape to the Sandship's exterior as it comes under attack by the Abyssal Leviathan himself. As the sequence is easy (use Skyward Strikes to cut the tentacles blocking your way out), I won't be talking about it in any detail here.

What I will do is talk about Tentalus and how you can defeat him. So, read on!

Important Glitch Warning

Do not, under ANY circumstances, use the Bow to attack the eye after Tentalus is stunned. You may trigger a glitch that will force you to reset your Wii. (The game refuses to switch to Phase II if you attack exclusively with the Bow in Phase I.)

Phase I

The battle starts as soon as you reach the Sandship's deck. Tentalus will let out a roar and hide beneath the waves. After that, tentacles will start breaking through the ship's hull, exposing themselves on the deck as they attempt to grab you. What you need to do is use Skyward Spin Attacks (raise your sword skyward and then, once it is completely charged, execute a Spin Attack) to cut the tentacles before they can grab you. The broadcast that a tentacle is about to attempt a grab is that it turns slightly darker and leans back a bit. If you can't prepare your Goddess Sword fast enough, dodge the tentacle's grab attempt before trying again.

Once you cut a total of four tentacles, any remaining ones will disappear and Tentalus will reveal himself, arising from beneath the waves. As you may expect, his giant eye is his weak spot. You need to equip your Bow and shoot an arrow into Tentalus' eye, which will stun him, causing him to fall forward. His head will crash on the deck and you can then use your Goddess Sword to slash at the eye until he gets up from the pain.

After Tentalus recovers, he will hide beneath the waves once again and send his tentacles through the Sandship's deck. Repeat the same strategy as before to get Tentalus to reveal himself.

This time Tentalus will attempt to slam you with one of his arms. Wait until the arm lands before taking aim at his eye (Tentalus' motion as he swings his arm is enough to make you miss if you try to shoot him from the start). You have a nice window of opportunity once his arm is on the deck, so take your time with it.

Note: If you're lucky enough to predict where he's going to emerge from, you can land a charged Bow shot on his eye just as he opens it and before his head moves as a result of his arm swing.

After you land a shot on the eye, pummel the offending ocular entity with your Goddess Sword. Cue another round of slashing tentacles and Tentalus will reveal himself from the waves for a third time. This time he will attempt to slam you with both arms, one at a time. Otherwise, the strategy is identical as before.

Phase I will end after Tentalus has taken another round of punishment to his eye.

Note: If at any time you find yourself running out of Arrows, slash Tentalus' head tentacles. You're practically guaranteed five to ten Arrows per destroyed tentacle.

Phase II

Phase II starts with Tentalus destroying a good half of the deck, and a metal box falling from the upper deck to the (remains of the) lower deck.

Note: If the box doesn't drop after the deck is destroyed, you've triggered the Tentalus glitch. Reset your Wii because your battle is stuck in Phase I.

You need to climb onto the box and then to the upper deck while dodging rolling barrels coming your way. Once you have successfully reached the upper deck, the true nature of Tentalus' head tentacles will be revealed. Like the mythological Medusa, those head tentacles are actually snakes which will extend themselves towards you to bite you for half a Heart of damage. Slash as them with your Goddess Sword until Tentalus stops sending them at you. You can then use the Bow on his eye and attack it with your Sword once again.

Tentalus will repeat the above strategy, and victory is as easy as just repeating the same strategy as well. Tentalus will finally fall after taking a second round of punishment to his eye.


Peace is restored to the Lanayru Sand Sea once Tentalus is defeated, and you get both a Heart Container and a Sword upgrade for your efforts (although, to be fair, the Sword upgrade is lackluster).

If you have any questions pertaining Tentalus, or just want to talk about this game (or any game in the series), feel free to post in the comments section!

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)



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      8 years ago

      I had a lot of trouble with this guy before but this helps a lot. I didn't know that you were supposed to do spin attacks, but once I got it he was really easy. Never do him first in the lightning round though, because later on you can get hearts that you may need from the snakes.


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