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Zigzagoon Evolution Chart

Updated on March 27, 2012

Zigzagoon Evolution Chart

The Zigzagoon Evolution Chart - Zigzagoon Evolves into Linoone at Level 20
The Zigzagoon Evolution Chart - Zigzagoon Evolves into Linoone at Level 20

Pokemon Questions

If you have any questions about the Zigzagoon Evolution Chart, or any other Pokemon questions - or if you just fancy some FREE EV trained Pokemon - then head on over to the Pokemon forum on where you can get quick and easy answers on all things Pokemon.

Zigzagoon Evolution Chart Explained

Zigzagoon (and it's evolution, Linoone) is a wonderful Pokemon, the darling of many people who played Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphie (and to a lesser extent, Pokemon Emerald) thanks to it's rather broken pick up ability. Since then it has had the pick up ability lessened somewhat, but it is still a useful tool on any Pokemon journey.

Which is why so many people wonder what level Zigzagoon evolves into Linoone. After all, as with most evolutions, the later stage Pokemon evolution is far more useful battle wise.

The good news is that the Zigzagoon evolution chart is a very simple one - it evolves into Linoone at level 20.

This is far easier than the complex Tyrogue evolution chart, or the less complex (but still awkward) Duskull evolution chart. To evolve Zigzagoon you simply level it up in the normal manner, up to level 20, when it evolves...unless you cancel it or it is holding an Everstone of course!

To level it up Zigzagoon simple. Any of these 3 methods works...

  1. Put it in battles. Every Pokemon that gets knocked out gives EXP points, after a set amount of points the Zigzagoon will level up (how many points needed increases at each level).
  2. Use the Exp Share item. The experience share item, when held by a Pokemon in your party, will grant it 50% of the possible Exp Points, even if it doesn't battle.
  3. Use Rare Candies. A rare candy increases the Pokemon's Level by 1 each time one is used.


Zigzagoon in the Pokemon Anime
Zigzagoon in the Pokemon Anime

Catching Zigzagoon

Of course for the Zigzagoon Evolution chart to be any use, you first need to catch it! So how do you go about doing that?

Pokemon Black and Pokemon White

The only way to catch Zigzagoon in Pokemon Black or Pokemon White is to meet it in the Dream World, there are no wild Zigzagoon. To meet it in the Dream World you need over 7500 Dream World Points (obtained via numerous different methods, including playing the mini games). If you do so then you have the chance of meeting it in the Pleasant Forest.

Zigzagoon's Dream World Ability is Quick Feet

Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Platinum

In these 3 games, Zigzagoon is a 'swarming' Pokemon. Every day a different Pokemon swarms on a set route. In the case of Zigzagoon it swarms on Route 202.

Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Heart Gold

To catch a Zigzagoon in Heart Gold or Soul silver you need to have completed the game and have the radio station 'Hoenn sound'. If you are playing this station then you will be able to find Zigzagoon in the Bell Tower, the Sprout Tower and the Burned Tower.

It can also be caught in the Safari Zone in the 'plains' and 'savannah' areas. In the plains area you need to put 15 Forest Objects down to have a chance of meeting it, and in the savannah area you need to put down 10 Plains objects.


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