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ZombiU walkthrough, Part Fifteen: Tower Pier

Updated on January 10, 2013

Sondra, member of the Ravens of Dee, has invited you to escape via the Tower of London. Standing in the sewers of Memorial Park, you're not given much choice in the matter -

- for the moment you step out into the swampy park again, you're treated to a pair of exploding zombies. You have no idea what's happening, and before you know it Sondra is yelling at you to run across the swamp. Time to beat feet - though not too quickly.

Head slowly into the swamp. Check the small middle island here and you'll see that the area is littered with zombies, all milling about mindlessly. You may also notice that one of them has a gas canister on its back. This is an exploding zombie, and of all the zombie types you might want to shoot, this is the one you should ALWAYS shoot. Attack one stupidly at a close range and you're dead. Fortunately, any zombies caught in the blast are also dead, so toss a Flare onto the island and wait for a bunch of them to wander up to it, the exploding zombie included. Shoot it once and it will take out the lot. Mop up any zombies you may have missed from land - get too deep into the water and you're defenceless. Watch out for one floater to the top-left of the island that will come to life when you get close.

Head straight through this area to the huge pile of debris in the back. Lay C4 on it then step back and let it go off, revealing a sewer tunnel. Switch on your flashlight and proceed inside. Inside you'll find a door labelled Exit and no danger, so plow right through and into the next area.

You'll emerge in another sewer system. After listening to Prepper rant, head towards the light and follow the path down some stairs and into a watery section. Ignore the body in the water and carry on through the culvert until you reach a busted pipe grating. You're now at the Tower Pier.

Go up the stairs and inspect the bodies here for a Molotov, a Medium Medipack and a Model 770 Carbine. Be wary of the edge of the pier, as a zombie will climb up the ladder and try to get to you. Back away so you don't keep knocking it into the drink and take it out.

There are several zombies on a small offshore platform nearby, and you don't want to get their attention just yet. Go down the ladder and look to the other shore. You'll see a zombie lurking under the walkway. Catch its eye with your flashlight, then beat it to death when it runs over. Head over to the other walkway -

- and your Prepper Pad will kick out! Great. This is the fault of the small radar dish swirling above the next platform. Take it out with a silenced weapon to get your map back, then climb the ladder. Have a weapon ready, as there's a zombie right at the top. Kill it quietly.

You can't get at the platform here, as it's code locked. Coming up here is nevertheless advantageous, as it allows you to view the zombies on the small beach, blocking the way to your destination, without them spotting you. Your new Carbine can take them out quickly, if you don't mind some noise; if you do, use a Flare and Molotov combo. They're all close together, so going at them with a Cricket Bat is a poor idea. Be careful with the Molotov - you have to aim well above the zombies to actually hit them. Once they're dead, go back down the ladder and wade through the water. Once on the beach, go around the boat at the end to find Handgun Bullets in a container, check the wall where you came from to see a CCTV junction box, then backtrack to the archway and go through.

There's a zombie just beyond the arch. Kill it and plant some C4 on the debris in front of Traitor's Gate. (Don't worry about the other paths nearby, there's nothing down them.) Blowing up the debris will alert a spitter; catch it in the small gap here to kill it before it can spit.

You're now at the base of the Tower of London. Before going any further, check the door to your immediate right. Inside is a manhole leading back to the Safe House. Take advantage of healing before you proceed.

Guns, Guns, Guns

If you've been following this guide you should have a fair number of guns by now, and there are still more to pick up. It's probably quite tempting to take several with you on each foray. Avoid that impulse; having too many guns clogs up your inventory, and the more you use a gun the better your survivor gets with it. Stick with one or two for maximum efficiency.


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      Wendy 20 months ago

      I know this is an old post,but I was wondering if you noticed a different voice for the prepper prior to this for just a short duration?