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ZombiU walkthrough, Part Fourteen: The Letters of Dee

Updated on January 8, 2013

With two most certainly Latin books in hand, you can at last return victoriously to Dr. Knight in Buckingham Palace, hoping for a cure of some kind. You emerge from Ron Freedman's flat in the basement of the palace; wander up the stairs and unbar the door to find the main hallway of the palace.

Before you go too far, however, check the room beside the ladder you came up in the bunker. There's a code-locked door in here, and if you scan a painting hidden in the room you'll find another code. Remember this door - you'll be back here soon.

Go back to Dr. Knight's lab and give him the book. He'll freak out over it for a while, then decide he needs the seven Letters of Dee, written the man tied up behind the cure for the outbreak. Knight asks (not as politely as he could) that you go looking for the letters and bring them to him. He gives you the first letter - don't forget to pick it up - then lets you go to get the rest. Use the manhole in the back of the lab to get back to your Safe House.

  • Check the terminal after killing any Survivor Zombies and saving. You'll now have two missions:
  • Find Letters of Dee. Check the terminal's locations and it will tell you where to find the letters. This requires some backtracking to areas you've already visited. Check your Missions screen for locations of the six you don't have - some are in places you haven't yet visited.
  • Visit Green Park. Prepper wants you to meet up with his old CO and collect ammo and intel from the man. This may seem less important, but at this point collecting Letters of Dee is optional - this isn't.

You also can't get any of the letters at the moment, because you lack the proper gear. You'll have to come back to this task throughout the game. For now, head to Victoria Memorial in pursuit of Prepper's mission, making your way to the swampy area you may have visited before (if not, look along the route to Buckingham Palace to find the way in). You're greeted when you first arrive by a zombie; kill it, then head into the swamp.

There are two zombies to watch out for here. The first is in the middle of the swamp; the second is by the red-lit tent. Take them out separately, then enter the tent to find Col. Waverly's body. The Key Card you need is on him. Snag it and head back into the sewers. Take a good look around if you decide to explore - this area now has a few zombies in it, though they're easy enough to spot.

Be careful when you return to the sewers. Another new kind of zombie (which you may have encountered before, depending on your luck with Survivor Zombies and your own corpses) will be waiting: a red zombie. These zombies are faster, hit harder, and are generally much more frightening. Consider using a gun on this sucker, pegging him in the head as he comes through the door. Kill it and a Spread Upgrade will be on its body.

Take the Key Card and use it on a door not far from the swamp exit. You'll be able to enter and grab several goodies, including a Firepower Upgrade, a bunch of ammo and other items, Dee Letters 2 and C4! Most excellent. You'll also receive an offer from Sondra of the Ravens of Dee; she asks you to come to the Tower of London. Guess what your next mission is?

Before you head out into the swamp to pursue this next task - and it begins right away, so don't be surprised - go back to your Safe House, not through the manhole, but the way you came when you first entered Memorial Park. In the subway you'll come across another red zombie, this one carrying a Spread Upgrade. You can also use this opportunity to save, rest up, and prepare for the slog to the Tower of London.

Red Zombies

If you played through this part of the game, you know how crazy red zombies can be. This gets even worse when you take two other factors into account:

  • Red zombies can spawn from your own survivors. If your character went long enough without dying and racked up a strong point total, they're very likely to become red zombies upon death. This can be a real nuisance if you need to get your stuff back with a character carrying only a Cricket Bat.
  • Red zombies can spawn randomly if somebody else with a high point total dies and you're playing online. If you want to avoid this possibility, play offline.

On the plus side, red zombies are generally guaranteed to have good loot. If found in the game, they'll always have a weapons upgrade; if found through other players, they'll usually have a ton of good stuff from wandering around for so long. Take advantage of the fact that you usually find them by themselves by always killing any red zombies you come across.


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