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Zombie Tsunami - The Best Zombie Game

Updated on January 23, 2014

Zombie Tsunamie - The Description

Brought to us by Mobigame S.A.R.L., Zombie Tsunami is considered in the race or running game category. This featuring a horde of Zombies that you needed to guide as long as you can (tap to jump). Along the way are civilians that you can eat. Once already eaten, that human will become a part of your horde. You can collect as many Zombies as you can.

While running, you can encounter challenges like bombs, running cars and holes that you can avoid by tapping the screen and Stagnant Vehicles that you can jump through or flip with the right amount of zombies. Failure to avoid such challenges is equal to a lost of zombie. Once you lost all your zombies, it's game over for you.

After each level (Tunnels) the screen becomes faster and when you are left behind, goodbye!

While running you can collect coins that you can later use to buy accessories and bonus level-up in the market.

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The Power-ups

Along the way, you will encounter power-ups that will help you go through the game. Such power-ups are:

Tsunami - This will create a raging huge tidal wave that destroy everything on it's path. One great thing about this bonus is that it also collects civilians and coins.

Gold - For me, this bonus is the best among the rest. This will turn your zombies into golden creatures that can turn everything it touches into coins.

Ninja - This power up lets you double jump and slice objects (2nd level) along the way. One thing I love about this is that when you mistakenly fell into a hole, you can double jump back. However, sometimes, the double jump feature is a disadvantage.

Dragon - Transforming your horde into a Chinese New Year Dragon with the ability to jump and descent slowly. The second level will give the dragon immunity to threats like bomb and moving cars.

Quarter Back - This will make your zombies into a group of quarterbacks that blows everything on the way. Disadvantage? This jumps low until you upgraded it.

UFO - This summons zombie one by one. AS far as my observation, this can summon at least six zombies.

Giant Zombie - The whole horde will turn into one giant zombie that has multiple eyes. This shoots laser from the center eye that removes threats on it's way. This is not immune to bombs and moving cars.

Balloons - Personally, this is bonus that I don't want to have. Once you get it, your zombies will have their heads blow and fly. Top to touch the ground.

The Market

After a game, all the coins you collected are brought into your savings. The civilians (brains) are added to countdown of brains.

The money can be used in the market where you can buy some stuffs like objects (Pack of civilians, doubles zombies etc), accessories (Hats and head dresses) and upgrades (power-up upgrades). This also features packages of coins where you can use real money to avail.

Once you have collected 100 brains you will win a lottery ticket with two scratch-able areas to win prizes.

The Mission and Finishing the Game

There are missions required for you to complete in order to level up. These missions can be accomplished through the game proper or through the market. Each finished mission will add liquid to a bottle. After filling up 20 bottles you'll win the trophy.

There are five trophies to be collected to finish the game. The bigger the trophy, the harder it is to achieve.

I actually already finished the game. The game will ask your signature for you to be included in the games "best Players. After that, your aim is to beat your high scores.

Compete and Play with Friends

One key that keeps me coming back despite of finishing it, is to keep up with the top scores. I'm challenged, because a friend of mine have collected a total of 97 brains, which is far more than the 73 I made.

You can also send civilians to your friends, if they are favored, they can sent back.

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Overall Comment and Conclusion

Despite Zombie Tsunami is on the overused game category, I can say that this have given "running" a new genre. The way the game proper is presented is quite distinct and quite different from the swipe-to-control trend. Therefor, amazing!

This is also very user-friendly to the point that my five-year-old niece needed no more explanation to play the game. She actually enjoyed it as much as I do.

The graphics is fantastic. The zombies are presented in a very cute manner. However, when my I ask my niece what kind of creatures are they, she said, they are aliens. The backgrounds is also great. If you are familiar with different international tourist attractions, it is easy for you to identify to where the zombies are running.

The sound? I think, it's one weak point. I found the music not related to the game. It's not annoying, but I'd rather have it turned off and let the background sounds (zombie sound, moving vehicles etc.) do the works.

There are only missions that quite unfair. In example, one mission is to "upgrade 15 skills (power-ups) in the market", requiring tons of coins before completing. I'm also advising not to buy coins using real money as they are overpriced. Imagine the 1.25 million coins is worth a hundred dollars, not worthy.

Apparently, this game is highly recommended. This is addicting and quite impressive.


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