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Zombies Will Fall in Call of Duty: World War 2

Updated on November 16, 2017
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Zombies mode in Call of Duty: WW2 has intrigued the gaming critics. How does it hold-up against the original works of Treyarch Studios (World at War - zombies mode)
Zombies mode in Call of Duty: WW2 has intrigued the gaming critics. How does it hold-up against the original works of Treyarch Studios (World at War - zombies mode)

How Good is Call of Duty: WW2 Zombies?

Zombies mode in Call of Duty was first brought to the players in Call of Duty: World at War, the last World War 2 set Call of Duty game that was released back in 2008, nearly a decade ago. The mode took the player community by surprise, as it was not only a side mode, but also one that could become the main attraction for many of the players. To really pinpoint this, MrDalekJD - the top subscribed YouTuber whose content is directed towards the niche of Call of Duty zombies has dedicated his channel to offering content that is guided towards the Call of Duty community who are most bothered about the 'zombies' game mode.

Since World at War zombies there have been many newer additions to the game mode within the Call of Duty franchise instalments within various series, and from the lead zombies creator Treyarch Studios (the creator of the original zombies mode in World at War), have made a zombies mode for every Call of Duty instalment since their original - which includes Black Ops zombies, Black Ops II zombies and Black Ops 3 zombies. Other Call of Duty developers have adopted the zombies branded mode, and from Infinity Ward they have created their first ever zombies mode in Infinite Warfare, and Sledgehammer Games have created their first ever zombies mode in 2017's (the latest Call of Duty instalment) in Call of Duty: WWII.

Moving onto Call of Duty: WWII zombies mode: Really, how good is Sledgehammer Games Nazi zombies mode in "WWII" (as we will be calling the game within this post)? Well, it is the best zombies functioning mode that we have seen since 2015's Treyarch designed zombies mode in Black Ops 3 (the futuristic zombies experience). Sledgehammer Games have had the honour in 2017 of featuring their World War 2 Call of Duty experience, something that gamers have seen little of in the 2010's, as far. You know, the World War 2 war era has not seen a lot of loving from big games developers in the 2010's since the futuristic shooters have been dominating the gaming screens through the likes of Destiny, Overwatch and Titanfall. The Call of Duty franchise has been on the futuristic warfare bandwagon also, but in 2017 this has all changed with the Call of Duty release of "WWII". Many have been speculating that because of the sales success of 2017's "WWII" there will be likely be a whole influx on World War 2 set shooters to enter into the video-games market. The reason for mentioning the futuristic warfare is that it has prevented any really great zombies experiences from the Call of Duty franchise, as all though Black Ops 3 zombies was great, Infinity Ward's Infinite Warfare zombies mode, released in 2016, was a blemish on the face of the iconic zombies mode in Call of Duty. However, this is all in the past in 2017 as "WWII" has delivered not only an epic single player campaign, multiplayer spectacular experience, but also a Nazi zombies mode that is the scariest in realism that we have seen so far. The gameplay in "WWII" zombies is pretty great, but the surroundings and jump scares from emerging zombies is an immersive experience that creates a brilliant zombies mode that gamers have not experienced the likes of which in what must be years now.

The "WWII" zombies maps: Keep in mind these are the barebones zombies maps in "WWII", as there is the guarantee of seeing all new and exciting zombies maps in additionally provided DLC packs that will be released throughout the year (heading into 2018 territory). The first DLC pack release date has already been set, and fans are expecting to see perhaps one or two zombies maps in the pack, and the DLC pack has been named "The Resistance" - due out for release on the PlayStation 4 first on 30th January, 2018 - including all new multiplayer maps that will have an all new 'war' multiplayer storyboard map and additional zombies content. Back to barebones "WWII" content, the original "WWII" disc includes two zombies maps - the first named "The Final Reich" which is the largest of the two maps, and requires the team of players to circle through the rounds of zombie hordes whilst completing various story objectives - and the second named Groesten Haus is the extremely small, close quarters zombie map that takes place in a one story house, featuring a perk machine, health regenerator, and a total of 3 weapons on walls (MP40, STG-44, pump-action shotgun). In both zombies maps there are perk machines, weapons on walls, health regenerators, and various special abilities that can be activated before entering into a fresh match with friends or taking the zombie hordes on solo.

How do the weapons perform in "WWII" zombies? The pistols are relatively good in "WWII" zombies, but as the rounds slip past 5 and upwards these become a liability in the face of the larger zombie hordes. The pump-action shotgun remains to be the most reliable of all of the shotguns. One thing that you may be wondering is whether the mystery box is to be making a return in Call of Duty: WWII, and fortunately for us all it has - but only in the larger map "The Final Reich". There are all sorts of dangers in the larger map, The Final Reich, as there are close quarters corridors, tightly spaced rooms, and double entries where zombies pop out of nowhere when you least expect them to. The sub-machine guns and assault rifles will serve you best in "WWII" zombies, as they are headshot magnets, and the hit-marker detection in the zombies mode is perhaps the most controversial of things to think about before deciding on how you feel about the mode. Basically, in "WWII" zombies when you shoot a zombie target the screen lights up with a hit-marker detection point that covers where your bullets are being placed, not that this wouldn't be helpful if I was a newbie player to the franchise, but for someone who is accurate in shot the hit detection can become somewhat of a nascence when casually or seriously playing the zombies mode. This is a rather personal preference, but I hate the hit detection in "WWII" zombies, and have not found there to be a problem whatsoever in the multiplayer mode, but in zombies it is certainly an off-putting dilemma, and only wish they would remove it. The gameplay overall is good, the map design and weapons functioning are all good, so besides the hit detection (and irritating markers) the "WWII" zombies is a fun additional mode to the overall full-game. However, if I was a serious zombies fan in the Call of Duty franchise make-up of complete design, then I might perhaps be somewhat disappointing with Sledgehammer Games attempt at overcoming the original zombies-makers works of brilliant, their name of course being Treyarch Studios.

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