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Buy Zoobles and Zooble Happitats Online

Updated on March 14, 2011


Zoobles are another toy that has been a big hit in 2010. They are similar to the Squinkies toys, in that there are hundreds to choose from as well as various playsets to buy.

The main difference between a Squinkies toy and a Zoobles toy is that the Squinkies can be pulled out of their plastic bubble at anytime, but the Zoobles remain a ball until they are placed on a magic spot on the play sets.

The Zoobles toys come in a wide variety of animals, ranging from birds, mice, turtles, dogs, cats, and so much more. These cute toys are brightly colored and vividly painted so that they attract the eye of a young beholder.

Just remember that these toys are small and can pose a potential choking hazard for younger children, so be careful when buying Zoobles (or even Squinkies) for young children. The recommended age for Zoobles is at least 4 years old, if not older. Just make sure to use your best judgment when buying Zoobles as gifts.

You can buy Zoobles toys in single packs, doubles, or in sets. The most common Zoobles to purchase is probably the singles because then you can get the exact Zooble toy that you want. But, in reality, they're all very cute and lovable, so it is hard to turn down any Zoobles toy.

These toys are super popular, especially among girls, and the great thing is that they're all numbered so your child (or any child) can quickly see their collection expanding quickly.

SpinMaster is the creator of the Zoobles toys and Happitats, so it's no wonder that they're such a huge hit. SpinMaster is also the creator of Bakugan and Liv Dolls, both of which became huge hits among children.

These small sphere toys originate from fantasylands such as Seagonia, Azoozia, and Petagonia. They are quirky and mischievous. They roll around and play all day long, and as soon as you put them on top of he magical spot on the Happitat, they pop out of their ball and can't wait to be petted, as their heads bob up and down.

The Zoobles toys come with fun Happitats, such as the Zoobles Undersea Play Set that opens up to the ocean floor. There's a tree fort that includes a big slide, as well as other accessories. And, we can't forget the Zoobles Rest Nest, which is a great carrying case for on the go play.


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