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A Great Little Train Set

Updated on October 18, 2013

I recently bought this train set for my two-year-old Grandson for his birthday. In fact to give him more scope I bought two!! It is really good value for money. He enjoys putting the track together and driving the colourful little trains along the track. There is a bridge with sloped track leading on and off it which means you can let the train run down the slope under its own volition.

It was definitely a good choice to buy two sets. The set contains 60 pieces but this is not all track. There are trees and people and animals and buildings such as a hospital, fire station and police house. Here there is scope for lots of imaginative play. When the train derails we can take the people to the hospital. Maybe a cow will get on the track. We can have stations to stop at.

The little engines and carriages are very colourful and attach to each other by means of magnets.Strangely these magnets seem to always attract which ever way around they are. They are a bit inclined to come off the track but that all adds to the fun and increases dexterity. Getting the train on just right requires a little patience.

You can also teach the importance of clearing up and tidying away with a toy like this that dismantles. Little children love to tidy up if taught in the right way as a fun thing to do. This is so important in the home and will prepare them for adult life.

All in all this is a super toy very reasonably priced which will last for years.

I do not think my grandson will grow out of this train set for a very long time. If he wants we can add another set. He does that lovely thing that children do of lying on the floor and looking at his train as he moves it along the track.

Of course we mustn't forget how much Daddy will enjoy this set.

LEGO DUPLO Creative Cars 10552
LEGO DUPLO Creative Cars 10552

Now the cars can meet the train. Yet another toy which can be added to.


My Grandson loves Thomas the Tank Engine and there are versions that fit the Carousel track.


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