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The Nintendo 3DS - A New Kind of Gaming

Updated on October 18, 2013

If you were a big fan of handheld gaming consoles, then you're gonna love the Nintendo 3DS as much as I did. Many of its past predecessors had massive success in the gaming industry. This system brings something new to the table.

That's right, it comes with its very own 3D effect - without the use of 3D glasses! You had to see it by your own eyes to believe it. But this platform boasts a lot more than its 3D features. If you wanna know how I found this device fascinating, read on!

Being a true fan, I've always watched out for Nintendo's new releases. I've always played games like Mario and Pokemon ever since I got my first Gameboy when I was 10 years old. So when I found out about this amazing gadget, I had to check them out for myself and after saving a few bucks from my pay checks, I finally bought it. The 3DS looks astounding. If you owned a Nintendo DS, you would find some similarities, its shape being the most obvious, but the 3DS offers a lot more than looks.

The main thing I love about the system is its ability to link with other players. If you're thinking of buying this for your kids, then don't think twice. This will boost your child's social skills too. They will be allowed to freely mingle with other people in the process. Nobody would want to play games on this system all by himself. It is so much fun together with friends. I had one nephew who is as shy as a goat. It is nice to see him sharing his laughter with other kids and having friendly competitions with various games on this device.

The added Streetpass feature which allows the exchange of game data from one 3DS to another when you pass someone with a 3DS encourages you to bring this device wherever you go. I personally carry this device when I go out to the mall or when I stop by a grocery store. It is amazing how I find many people bringing their own systems too. I can easily carry it around inside my pocket or my backpack which brings us to the second thing I love about this and that is its portability.

This device is not just for kids. Although this packs a lot of games which boosts your kid's mental alertness and fast reflexes, adults like me may very well find many strategic and action-packed games from this too. People like me still enjoy hours of gameplay with the Nintendo 3DS. I would say this brings out the child inside of me. After my stressful day at work, playing video games to relax is worth the while.

Pokemon X
Pokemon X

For me, Pokemon is the best game created exclusively for the Nintendo handhelds. The guy responsible for this game was a genius. This is a very clever way of getting kids to engage in interacting with other people by trading, battling, and just straight out having fun catching these lovable and cool creatures.

Pokemon Y
Pokemon Y

Pokemon games always comes with two versions. In this case, the latest are Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. If you are ever new to the series, people should trade with the other version in order for them to collect all the Pokemon as different versions have different kinds of Pokemon. This game makes full use of the Nintendo handhelds' ability to connect people.


The Nintendo 3DS XL is the bigger and better version of the 3DS in my opinion and it is the one I own right now. Many would argue that the original 3DS is better since it is smaller and more pocketable but I guess we are entitled to our own opinions.

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What did you think about this product review? Are you a fan of the Nintendo 3DS too? Let me know your thoughts and comments.

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