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Fifa 13

Updated on January 31, 2013

Although FiFA 13 isn't a huge improvement from FIFA 12, the few changes that have been made has seen the latest version of the FIFA series offer a deep and realistic video game to game lovers.

FIFA 13 is the world's best selling video game and has sold 4.5 million copies already. This explains why users are having issues with the games online mode.

First Touch Control

Without any doubt, this is the best soccer game I've ever played. The first touch control adds that element of unpredictability that is usually not associated with a sports game. In previous game when a player receives a pass the ball sticks to his leg like a glue, but with this feature a player's perfect control of the ball is determined by how hard is teammate passes it to him or how well he is able to control it. Simply put, there is the risk the ball bouncing off your foot if you don't safely settle it when receiving a pass.

Other Features

The transfer system has been improved; now teams attach value to players depending on their skill and their value to the first team squad. So buying the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo is more difficult than it was last year. Also, players are not just moved about like robots transfers only go through after certain terms stipulated by a player has been met.

Match Day Addition

The new match day additions greet you with a menu that allows you to choose to play the game of the week or recall a soccer history. With this you can follow fixtures on a day-to-day basis.

Training mini-game

I am a big fan of the new training mini-games, particularly Virtua. it provides a unique training mini-games. As part of your training you are made to lob passes into giant barrels in the center of the field and make crosses into massive targets.

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