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A Timeless Learning Toy-Fisher-Price Little People Lil' Movers School Bus

Updated on September 4, 2016

The Little people lil' movers school bus has been around for decades not only did my children own one but I had 2 in my classroom. Children naturally like to play with the yellow school bus represents and I have found that most love to imitate the ride to school. This toys has gone through many transitions since my children were small, but it still inspires children to play interactively.

As a teacher I always wanted to inspire kids to learn through play. This toys meets all the things I look for in an imagination play tool. Since toys are the work of our children it is important for toys to be safe, have movable parts, and accessories which encourage play. One of the things I look for in a good educational toys is the quality. I want toys that are going to last and not break into small hazardous parts. This toys certainly meet these standards.

When my own kids and the children in my classroom played with this toy, I observed learning every time they played. Children played cooperatively while they inspired imaginative play in each other through social interaction an important aspect of learning. Since there are several characters and in my classroom I had other Fisher-Price toys all of the "little people" can be used with other play sets. This gave my kids the ability to move throughout the room and interact with other groups of children during playtime.

Observations I Made about Learning Benefits :

1. eye-hand coordination

2. social interaction

3. speech development

4. vocabulary development

5. number sense (counting)

6. social etiquette (sharing)

7. connections to the real world

8. physical development

9. imagination building

10. working through emotions.

The People on the Bus

Lil People School Bus Testimonial

Fisher Price Imagination Play

Since play is the work of childhood it is important for toys to create play for imagination. Imagination play increases the child ability to create stories, work on interaction between characters, work through problems, and practice verbalization skills.

Children need to have toys that can spark these interests. Play increases the skill the child will need to enter school ready for the challenges they will be involved with there. Children who are ill prepared for school usually come from environments where play is enriched. Enriching the environment increases the opportunities for the child to create experiences that encourage proper development.

Fun to Play

Riding to School on the Bus

A child will learn to create scenarios of riding on a school bus during play. These create positive experiences for her to develop a sense of purpose. Children go to school and when the child has a bus to play with it influences her perception of how it might feel to go to school.

Children are naturally imaginative and often time pick-up bits and pieces of information which they will verbalize. When this occurs parents and caretakers can respond to questions. Many times children have mistaken concepts which can be corrected before they become part of her thinking.

As a teacher I have watched children play with the Lil' Movers Bus. Children act out concerns and fear as well as how much fun it is to ride a bus to school. Long before a child reaches school age there are ideas about school that can be reinforced and encoraged.

How many Fisher-Price toys do you remember playing with as a child?

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A pink School Bus

Singing While Playing

It is nice to listen to children having fun while they play. I often hear them sing songs like The People on The Bus Go Round and Round. It is an important part of development and caretakers can assist the child with learning by teaching the child the words to the song and new verses.

Caretakers are a big influence on the child and their input is important to proper development. Children need a fair amount of structure to grow and learn properly and to be Kindergarten ready when they reach that age. Many children come to school and lack some of the basic skills needed to be successful. Often times children are left in the care of another adult while the parents work and are not properly guided through the steps of this development.

Toys and guidance go hand in hand and if you have small children it is your jobs to see that this happens.

What do you think about the Little people school bus?

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    • junkcat profile image

      junkcat 4 years ago

      Cool! I had this toy when I was a kid. Now my children have one. Great toy.