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Remote Control Trucks And Cars

Updated on October 8, 2015

What are RC Trucks and Cars

Hobby grade RC cars and trucks are very cool. These fun remote control vehicles can reach speeds higher then 100 mph! Some trucks cost over 1000 dollars, but you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to start your R/C collection. You can even find some great deals on remote control cars for less then 100 dollars!

R/C cars and trucks are also very fun, and some of the vehicles are even water and mud proof, so you can drive these cool vehicles whenever and wherever you want! Read on to learn more about these amazing R/C cars and trucks available online. Who knows, you might just discover that remote control vehicle you've been dying to find!

Why buy a RC truck?

Why should I buy a RC truck, you may think to yourself. They're so expensive. It is a pastime or hobby and a great one, at that. You can also meet new people who also enjoy RC, because RC is very social. Making new friends in life is also very important. It is also quite educational because you will have to fix them when something breaks, so you will learn how to repair things, and you'll also learn problem solving, both which are important life skills. If you are interested now, read on!

Nitro vs Electric RC cars
Nitro vs Electric RC cars

Electric or Nitro?

In the picture, the Electric is on the right, and the Nitro on the left. There are advantages to using Nitro and there are also advantages to Electric.

Nitro has an advantage because it allows for higher speeds and longer run times, but a con of it is it has lots of maintenance. And it runs on fuel/nitro, so it is not that good for the environment. Nitro cars are also very expensive to maintain and to buy.

Electric trucks are slower and you get less run time, but there are rechargeable batteries which allows you to save money compared to Nitro. Also, there is less maintenance needed with Electric.

I personally think Electric is better for the first time buyer buyer. It is your choice. So... Nitro or Electric? Your pick.

What car/truck should I Start With.

Start off small to see if you like it. 1/18 is a good size as you start to be able to do some "off roading", but they are affordable still and compact. If you want to do real trail offroading, 1/10 scale trucks will be your best bet.

I have the Himoto 1/18 scale cars and trucks because they are quite affordable and they are fast little cars. They are also four wheel drive, which for the price is quite surprising. I own two of these (an 1:18 Spino and an 1:18 Mastadon) currently and you can buy them from Amazon for about 90 dollars. The problem with these are that being a smaller brand, parts must be ordered online, which could be a pain if you're not used to it. Also, when I had it, parts broke more often than I would've liked, and the motor heated up fast making it so you had to wait awhile in between runs.

Make sure if you're buying a RC car, research everything. You don't want to buy a truck, just to realize that its not good quality. Right now, Losi and Traxxas own a lot of the market, so you could look towards them for an RC card. There are advantages to buying from a big brand, such as their parts are more easily accessible at your local Hobby Shop. Also, technical support is easy to find over the internet or on their site.

Also, decide if you want a kit or a RTR. RTR stands for ready to run, meaning you just take it out of the box, charge it up and you're ready to go. These are generally cheaper than kits, and don't require you to do any thinking about parts.

Kits don't come ready to run. You build it yourself, and can choose which parts to use, so if you like this aspect of control, kits are right for you. The downside is you'll have to know a few things about building the trucks and choosing parts. It can be a fun project (maybe father/son).

As beginner, I would highly recommend getting a RTR, because when you first start out, you probably won't know what you're doing yet, so needing to build a kit could just simply discourage you from starting this new hobby.

Team Losi Mini-Desert RTR Truck (1/18 Scale), Blue
Team Losi Mini-Desert RTR Truck (1/18 Scale), Blue

1/18 scale Losi, which is a great brand, truck that is pretty affordable. It looks really cool too!


"Trail Trucks"

There is another classification of RC trucks I like to call "trail trucks", which are usually 1/10 scale and very versatile. These are built for the outdoors, not a mix like 1/18 scale trucks are.

Just like their name, they excel on trails. They can roll over smaller logs, and sometimes even through shallow rivers (if they're waterproofed). They really are very cool.

What are Rock Crawlers?

Rock Crawling is a different type of RC truck driving. It involves driving very slow over obstacles, trying to get over all the obstacles.

You need to have a course built for this type of RC truck though, as they're basically useless for everything else that's not rock crawling. Because of that, Rock Crawling I would say is not very suitable for beginners.

But if you really want to do it, Rock Crawlers are usually quite expensive so you better start saving! Alternatively, you could go for something like an Axial Wraith, which is pretty decent at rock crawling, while also being a good trail truck.

Rock Crawlers In Action

RC Cars Built For The Road!

These cars are not build for taking on the off road, like all the ones I've already mentioned, but to speed along the road.

This is another discipline of RC vehicles. They aren't as popular as off road ones, so selection is more limited, but that doesn't mean that they aren't any fun. Maybe you don't have enough time to hit the off road trails. Drive on the road then, with an on-road RC car.

NIMH Battery
NIMH Battery

Electric Batteries

One thing to think about before you order your new truck is the battery you'll have in them. Try not to get NICd (Nickel–cadmium) because it loses performance faster than NIMH (Nickel Metal Hydrate). Most RC trucks come with NIMH batteries nowadays, and they are pretty solid batteries. LIPO(Lithium Polymers) are the best, as you will soon learn. Make sure the battery you get is the right cell amount, voltage, and size for your RC vehicle.

The Advantages of LIPO

Lipo batteries are great. They last longer then NICd and NIMH and they make your RC vehicle go even faster. They are more expensive and if you run the LIPOs too low you can ruin the battery and they are really expensive. That is why I don't recommend them for beginners.

Another thing to think about is if you want to upgrade to LIPO, your electrical components in your RC vehicle need to be compatible with it. But if you choose to go with LIPO, a tip is to use LIPO balance chargers and make sure your charger is compatible with LIPO batteries.

Interested in RC now? Here are some videos to get you really excited.

Who said RC can only be 4 wheels?

Showcasing some amazing trucks. These are for sure waterproofed!

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