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Action Figures: G.I. Joe, Max Steel, and Action Man

Updated on September 30, 2015

Action Figures

The Famous G.I. Joe, Max Steel, and Action Man. These characters with their cartoons and their action figures. I know many people remember G.I. Joe's but maybe not very many would remember Max Steel and Action Man.

Do you remember your favorite action figure to play with when you were a kid? Did you have the most popular G.I. Joe? Or if any of you remember the Max Steel Toys or even the t.v. show? Another Fad of my childhood was Action Man. These were some great toys and t.v. shows. My favorite being Max steel, probably because it was the big thing during the time. With G.I Joe's you get a variety of characters and with Max Steels you just get a variety of different suits and vehicles most that you wouldn't get anywhere else. G.I Joe's win win in all fronts fans, marketing and long term popularity. Not to mention their still around. The Max Steels and Action man figures did have one thing that made them different was their joints and the general movement and play abilities. G.I. Joe's were always stiff back then maybe not now though. Max Steel and Action Man were different from the G.I. Joe's as in the Joe's were a group and the others were solo heroes.

I do think if super hero toys were as good as these figures they probably would of took over the market from all of these brands that are talked about in this page. Even today super hero toy's are nothing like these even the wrestling figures don't stand up to how cool Max Steel and G.I. Joe's were. Maybe it all had to do with the weaponry that they had. In that case a Deadpool figure could be very cool if done right of course. Well while I look for one of those read on to find out more about these old yet timeless action figures.

Max Steel: Action Figure and T.V. Series

Max Steel, the company Mattel's version of G.I. Joe. Consisting of many versions of Max in spy, diver, commando, adventurer, and many more. With the main Villain characters Psycho, and Boa Constrictor. This Character didn't do so well here in the US but around the world it was Mattel's best seller.

Max Steel is a technologically enhanced human real name Josh McGrath. I don remember ever seeing the series Max Steel Turbo. I only saw the first episodes of this character till it was taken off air. Relatively short time like wise with Action Man.

Something I found funny with Max Steel toys relative to the weapons. G.I. Joe always made the best weapons (or more realistic) but I noticed that the Max Steel action figures had the capability of holding them better. Of course you would have to cut the plastic between the index finger and the bottom three to be able to put the index finger on the trigger. In doing so they had a better grip on the guns than the joes.

For the complete History of Max Steel there's a link at the bottom of this page.

Max Steel - 12" Action Figures

Great Art of Max Steel and Villain Psycho

G.I. Joe - A Real American Hero

Of course the two most famous of all Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are in the front to the right. It kinda looks like a picture of the x-men doesn't it? Being that there is so many and Xavier is there too. No, just kidding that guy has hair, but can you find Waldo?

The original action figures were produced in 1964. G.I. is an acronym for Government Issued, and after the First World War it was the term for an American Soldier.

G.I. Joes are always going to be a great gift for a boy. Any kind of action figure really will do the trick, especially if it has cool guns/gadgets that come with them. With the newest movie that came out G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra and the sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation on its way to the big screen there is definitely going to be new action figures on demand.

Snake Eyes VS Storm Shadow

I personally like more things about Storm Shadow than Snake Eyes. His name for instance, and he just seems to be more of a ninja to me. I also remember loving when he had a white hood but red mask which I liked a lot. Well take in all the things about the two characters into account and let me know who is your favorite. They are two evenly matched characters after all, except for the fact that Snake Eyes gets the better of Storm Shadow in most one on one confrontations.

Who is your Favorite?

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Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow - 12" Action Figures

G.I. Joe 2003 Ninja Showdown SPY TROOPS The Movie Series 12 Inch Tall Action Figure Set - Snake Eyes with Working Rappel Equipment Versus Storm Shadow with Working Zip Line Plus 44 Minute Fully Animated DVD and Lots of Weapon Accessories
G.I. Joe 2003 Ninja Showdown SPY TROOPS The Movie Series 12 Inch Tall Action Figure Set - Snake Eyes with Working Rappel Equipment Versus Storm Shadow with Working Zip Line Plus 44 Minute Fully Animated DVD and Lots of Weapon Accessories

This is one G.I. Joe set that me and my brothers got (at least similar to this one). Along with the movie that you can also get on its own below. Snake Eyes looks awesome in that movie by the way having a red mask and white hood.


Action Man

Alex Mann

"Check it out, dial it in, Amp it UP!" -Alex Mann

I loved that quote when I was younger. Basically, what Action Man was able to do was slow time and process all obsticals before doing what he needed to do to save the day. It is kinda like in the movie Sherlock Holmes where Robert Downy Jr. states what he needs to do and then you see the end result. It was a fun cartoon for the short time that I saw it broadcast.

Action Man and Max Steel were in competition more so than with the G.I. Joe franchise. They both had their one hero that did similar things (extreme sports) even a lot of the toy types are similar like the dirt bike ones for example.

Action Man X-mission Aqua Surf Mission
Action Man X-mission Aqua Surf Mission

One of the many sets that are just like the Max Steel versions.


Action Man on YouTube


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    • ShadowSphereOT profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from U.S.

      @anonymous: Nice, yeah the cartoons weren't that popular but the toys were pretty awesome back then. Thanks for the squid like.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I loved GI Joe as a kid, and had a bunch of them.. I vaguely remember the other two toy sets, but neither cartoon.


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