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Action Heroes-Fire Fighters and Station By Playskool

Updated on April 29, 2012

I think I have more fun hunting for toys some days than my boys do. My four year old is a big fan of action heroes these last few years. This includes super hero action figures and real live rescue heroes such as firemen and policemen.

One of the toys that was a hit last year and that he still plays with pretty regularly to this day is the Playskool Action Heroes Pack, Fire Fighters. This is a cool little toy that is a complete kit all in one shot.

You get a back pack that opens up to become a fire station. Inside the fire station, you also get an action heroes fire man figure and a fire truck for him to drive around in. There is a ramp to drive the truck up into the fire station, a ladder to swing down, and a command center that he can stand at when he wants to check on some calls at the station.

There is a big old button on the left hand strap of the back pack that makes fire engine noises and lights up and my son enjoyed it so much that he wore out the battery in record time. The fire engine is also equipped with a fire hose launcher that shoots off really far and is another cool feature that had my son dancing with excitement.

With all of these interactive features included with this action heroes fire station, it was only a bonus that it all fit together neatly and could be carried anywhere my little guy wanted to go. This is the perfect set to take on vacations or anywhere you know that there will be time to spare and the opportunity for your child to get bored(you know, sitting at a doctor's office, going on a long car or train ride, or even visiting a sick friend when you don't have a babysitter).

The only complaint I had about this toy is that my two boys fought over it because it only came with one rescue hero figure and vehicle. Luckily they sell packs of 5 rescue heroes firemen and policemen so I could easily go get them for the boys to get back to playing together.

They also sell a rescue heroes police station back pack set that comes with a policeman and a car but I have not bought that one yet. I am thinking it may be on the list for my almost 3 year old this year. These toys do have some small parts and are not recommended for under 3 but I guess it all depends on how your children are because my little one never tried to eat anything he could choke on.

Action heroes are perfect models for your children to want to emulate and as a parent it is good to encourage it in any way you can. These sets are affordable and are made for providing hours of entertainment for your child.


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