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Hedbanz for Adults: Must-Have Game

Updated on March 7, 2013

Fun Adult Hedbanz Game: Why Should Kids Have All the Fun?

Hedbanz for Adults is one of the most fun party games out there! Kids are no longer having all the fun now that there's an adult version of this popular game. Sure, you look ridiculous wearing the headbands, but this fun-yet-challenging game is well-worth the silliness.

Next time you have a bunch of friends over, break out the Adult HedBanz Game and get ready to laugh all night.

Adult HedBanz Game image from Amazon.

Great Party Game: Hedbanz for Adults - I, for one, never thought wearing a headband would be so fun!

Adult Headbands Game
Adult Headbands Game

So, how do you play the Adult Hedbanz Game? Each player selects a card and places it in his or her headband, without looking. No worries on the size of the headband, since they are fully adjustable.

To start off, one player starts asking questions about another player's card. There's a helpful card included in the game with popular questions, in case you're not the creative type! They have the length of a timer to ask as many questions as they can. The person wearing the card being guessed has a card as well; this card tells them what question they can answer, with either a "yes", "no", or "could be".

If the guesser guesses the card card being worn within the allotted time, they (or the team) get's a coin. Most coins wins--simple enough, right?

Adult HedBanz Game: Fun for Adults... - ...But, Headbandz is great for all ages, too!

Adult HedBanz Game, Adult Headbands Game, Headbandz the Game...whatever you want to call it, the Spin Master HedBanz Game for Adults is a definite must-have!

Adult HedBanz Game
Adult HedBanz Game

This is a great adult's game, but if you're wondering what makes this version of Hedbanz "adult", it's simply because the clues are harder to guess than the kids' version.

What most people think is the most fun part of this game is the fact that it's so versatile! You can make up your own rules, add additional cards to play, etc. You can truly make it a customized Adult Hedbanz Game!


See the HedBanz for Adults Game in Action! - HedBanz game for adults is so fun

Adult HedBanz Game

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