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Age of Conan Gold Guide

Updated on August 5, 2013


Find out the secrets behind chinese gold farming companies. This guide is written by a professional gamer with years of experience who recently got into playing Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and got filthy rich by discovering amazing gold farming secrets other players don't want you to know!

This lens will give you an overview of farming methods that players use every day to make tons of cash in this exciting game. If you want to know some of them read on.

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Gold guide summary

Making gold in Tortage - That's right, you don't have to be penniless and broken when you leave Tortage at Level 20. Learn how to make actual coin in Tortage.

Harvesting 101 - Learn not only how to utilize harvesting, but how to master it at each questing tier and learn how to make the most of the 6 different resources that you can gather as early as level 20.

Crafting for Cash - There are 5 crafting professions, but it's a difficult and expensive process for new players to find out which ones are actually profitable. This Age of Conan gold guide walks you through each crafting profession, showing you what you need to level, what you should be crafting, and what your gold making prospects are at each tier.

The Trade Post Unlocked - The Trade Post does away with antiquated auction systems and turns your trader into a store front. Learn how to research and set prices, look for good deals, sell at the right time, and watch as the game's economy picks up. With this strategy alone can easily earn a few dozen gold every day spending only 10 minutes.

Low Level Gold Making - Learn specific tips to making gold before you reach Level 40, from secret farming locations to harvesting spots that no one else knows about. You will not only be able to buy yourself a mount, but have plenty to give away to the beggars.

Level 40 and Beyond - Learn how to make gold throughout the end-game content, taking advantage of epic bosses, instances, and dungeons, and picking up huge profits with a group of like-minded players.

What to Expect - Age of Conan is new and that means changes. Learn what to expect as your new favorite MMO is updated, patched, and upgraded over the coming months. Learn which items to invest in, which to ignore, and which path will continue to guarantee you gold.

Gold Leveling Charts - Thie AoC gold guide features awesome charts showing exactly how much gold you should have at each level whether you are leveling, crafting, or grinding your way to Level 80.

Do I need this guide?

Age of Conan is a fun game, but sometimes can be extremely frustrating. You need a mount, leveling your professions, contribute materials for your guild, buying awesome items and many more reasons.

After you read this guide, you will not be disappointed. You will never again have to waste time on endless grinds or daily quests to maximize your character. By having more than enough gold, you will be enjoying the game more and still have plenty of time for real life as well. You can and you deserve to have it all!

Aren't games supposed to be fun afterall?

Question: Do You Have Enough Gold in AoC?

Do You Have Enough Gold in Age of Conan?

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This guide truly is helpful and I strongly suggest you consider getting it. It will significantly boost your income in Age of Conan and thousands of players have made their fortunes by following its tips.


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