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A Guide to Playing League of Legends Ranked Games

Updated on May 24, 2016

Anyone who has played league of legends has felt the burning desire to gain elo and thrive in ranked games. Whether you are a casual gamer looking for some tips, or you are seasoned veteran looking for that edge, this guide with enlighten you into tips that will not only make you a better player but also a leader and more valuable asset to you team.


This is one unavoidable skill that is required to excel in League of legends. If you are already sufficient in the mechanic area you can skip this section but if not continue reading. Mechanics such as last hitting are vital to advancement of rank. There is not some magical tip that will give you an epiphany of the secret of last hitting. That is because there is not one. Last hitting takes time and practice and the best way to improve in this area is to practice. If you want to be a great player you must value every last hit as vitally important and thrive to gain as much gold as possible. We can look at this as an efficiency. It is all about being the most effective you possible can and the more gold you accumulate the more effective you will in turn be.

  • Your Goal Your goal should be to hit at least 5 out of 6 minions every wave. If you watch streamers they will literally beat themselves up if they don't hit every single creep. In order to be the best you need to make the least mistakes as possible.

  • How to improve last hitting Last hitting is a skill that need s to be practiced. Set your goal to hit every creep and make it happen. You probably do not sit and wonder how professional athletes are so good. It is known that they are perfectionists and practice non stop. Also, when playing ranged carry, set attack damage runes and your last hitting will improve greatly.

  • Never stop farming: Some players stop farming during the later stages of the game and this really cripples them during team fights. You want to make sure you are always going for last hits and farming the jungle so you can be really strong when it comes time to team fight.


Team Cooperation

A wise man once said never to curse the only things you have to work with, and when it comes to your team in League of Legends this is a golden rule that everyone should follow. Your team is the soil that will eventually harvest into a win if taken care of and encouraged. This means you should never blame your team even if they make mistakes, because by doing so you are making yourself less effective and more likely to lose. Think of it this way. You have only so much time and energy to put forth to make yourself as effective as possible, and if you spend time blaming you lower you effectiveness and become more prone to losing. It may be hard to accept but you need your team. If you have ever played a 4v5 it is clear that it is nearly impossible to win without the efforts of even one person. Be a leader and build your team up instead of breaking them down and you will see your elo soar.

I always get the question, "Why did my elo drop 200 in 2 days." I hate to break it to you but it is your team cooperation. Blaming your team is the number one reason for drops in rank. Many people wonder why they drop hundreds of elo in a short period of time and this is the problem for many of them. They constantly blame everyone around them instead of aspiring to aid their team to victory. If you are on a losing spree, stop playing! There is no reason to dig yourself into more rage and more losses. If you lose multiple games in a row, a problem with your play is the only logical explanation. Its easy to just blame it on teammates. Why blame teammates when you can be focusing on winning the game?

  • Think like a winner Winners can always salvage a situation and always believe they can win no matter what the odds. Be a winner and never accept defeat.

  • Never Rage: Rage really does nothing when you are trying to win games. It really just makes people play worse and get upset. Do not point out mistakes and try to keep everyone positive.

A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.

Counter Picking

This is an important skill to master especially as you begin to gain more elo. I high ranked games, you will find that counter picking is essential. Picking a champion that counters another gives you an extreme advantage in the laning phase and can result in the crippling of the enemy team and giving your team a great advantage. However if you are not as skilled and do not play many champions the best advice is to stick to your best and playing them until mastery. Bellow is a spread sheet of different champions and their counters. If you are unfamiliar with counters this is a great tool to help figure out who counters who.

Champion Select If you are in champion select and the other team has not picked mid or top lane and you are picking try to pick jungle are support. Jungle and support are the hardest to counter and counter picking wins games. Always look for advantages.


Role Specification

There are five different roles in League and each serves different purposes. When playing it is wise at some point to focus on one role over the other in order to become a master of your trade. Eventually when you see fit pick a role you desire to play and master. Here are the 5 roles:

  1. AD Carry
  2. AP Carry
  3. Top Lane Bruiser
  4. Jungle
  5. Support

Learn all the roles There is always someone at the bottom of the team that says that he does not play support. As annoying as this may be, it is vital to know each role and play them well. If you do not know every role, learn them. You will win a lot more games if you are a versatile player.


When playing Legends of Legends is can become easy to get carried away and even consumed by it. Always remember that it is a game meant for leisure. Be careful not to get to serious about it because it is a slippery slope only to take you downhill. Put having fun before everything and you will have much more success.

  • have fun
  • remember that it is a game
  • try to win at all costs


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