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Aion Crafting Guide

Updated on July 23, 2011

About Crafting in Aion Online

Crafting is a process in Aion Online in which useful products are manufactured out of raw materials gathered from monsters of bought from other players. Regardless of players character progression choices, crafting will sooner or later be required to upgrade your gear or help you in Abyss and is an important factor to consider.

Many players only start crafting and leveling tradeskills at later levels since every tries to rush to the level cap as fast as possible, but in my opinion it is a mistake. You should begin gathering materials and slowly leveling your professions as early as level one.

Every Aion player can learn all the crafting professions, to a certain level. Every player can learn all the professional skills to a minimum skill point level of 399, and can master only one of these professions (in an upcoming patch, two).

Crafting Professions

The crafting professions in Aion include the following, with the corresponding products.

- Cooking produces cooked food, using raw food material.

- Sewing produces clothing and leather armor, using plant fiber and leather.

- Armorsmiths produce chain and plate armor, using metal ingots.

- Weaponsmiths produce weapons, using metal ingots.

- Handicraftsmen produce jewellery, bows and staves, using

- Alchemy produces potions, using herbs and plants.

Learn more about crafting in Aion here!

Where to learn crafting skills

In order to learn a crafting skill you will have to visit one or more of the trainers listed below.

Asmodian faction: Temple of Artisans in Pandaemonium

- Alchemy: Honir

- Armorsmithing: Kinterun

- Cooking: Lainita

- Handicrafting: Lanse

- Sewing: Zyakia

- Weaponsmithing: Rogi

Elyos: Artisans’ Hall in Sanctum:

- Alchemy: Diana

- Armorsmithing: Vulcanus

- Cooking: Hestia

- Handicrafting: Utsida

- Sewing: Daphnis

- Weaponsmithing: Anteros

Don't forget to also bring some money! You will have to pay to learn crafts:

- Lesser - about 3,500 Kinah

- Regular - about 17,000 Kinah

- Greater - about 115,000 Kinah

- Expert - about 460,000 Kinah

- Master - about 1,500,000 Kinah

The prices are unconfirmed but should be about right. I'll update this when I find out the exact amounts. You're welcome to comment below and clarify.


Alchemy is most useful to Sorcerers and Spiritmasters, since it creates spellbooks and orbs. However, with alchemy you can also create manastones, potions and scrolls which are useful for any class. Being able to craft your own scrolls and potions will save you a ton of kinah.

However, leveling up alchemy also takes a lot of kinah, in addition to inventory space. You will be carrying around a lot of gathered herbs, manastones and other materials. While alchemy is no doubt a very useful profession, you might want to level it up later in the game.


Armorsmiths produce exactly what you think, armors and shields. Classes such as Templar and Gladiator will have the most use of Armorsmithing, however it's very useful for Priests as well.

Since there are basically two ways of obtaining the best armor at high levels, killing bosses or rare monsters, Armorsmithing is a great third alternative for making great armor which undoubtedly helps in both PvE and PvP.

The nice thing about AS is you can make excellent gear for your character every 5 levels, so it's not only an endgame profession. The resources it requires are ore, Aether and most of all money. The downside is, you will not be making huge amounts of kinah with Armorsmithing unless you get really lucky and craft more than one item for the same amount of resources (also called a "proc").


I hate to cook, but for some reason I find it interesting in games. Cooking is a fun profession which enables you to create all kinds of temporary buffs which increase your character stats. It's definitely useful, but unfortunately it's nothing you can't get from other players or from the auction hall.

Materials for cooking are easy to come by and inexpensive, but you will not be making nearly as much kinah as with some other crafts. It's unfortunate and I suggest you level cooking only for the sake of it. It's not worth your time and money. Hopefully it will improve in the future.

Like alchemy, any class can benefit from cooking.


Handicrafting produces rings, glasses, staves, bows, earrings and necklaces. This profession is recommended for Rangers and Chanters, but anyone interested in making kinah should consider it.

Handicrafting is definitely the best kinah making profession in game. The "procs" are highly profitable, although rare. If you take HC you won't be spending huge amounts of kinah, but you will spend enormous amounts of time gathering the required materials. Wood is not hard to come by, however gems which are required for jewelry are rare and come in small numbers.

Handicrafting is recommended to anyone who has enough patience for gathering materials and interest in making loads of kinah.


Sewing allows players to make cloth and leather armor, as well as belts, hats, and some types of shoes. This is a suggested craftskill for Scouts and Mages.

If sewing is your choice, don't expect to make a lot of kinah. You will be able to make yourself decent armor and occasionally sell one, but for serious money making I suggest looking elsewhere.


Weaponsmithing is used to create melee weapons such as swords, daggers, polearms, maces and spears.

Templars, Gladiators and Assassins will clearly have most use out of this profession and I'd recommend taking it. It works similar to Handicrafting, where the most kinah and best items are made by "procs", so if you don't mind gambling a bit go for it. You can possibly make millions of kinah just for one item which is no doubt a lucrative opportunity for anyone.

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Great breakdown but no menton of the title buffs at expert which may also affect the decision.

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      Now you can be Master in two crafts! ^^

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      ProGamer01 7 years ago

      Nice guide dude