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Why Air Hogs Toy Helicopter Is A Super Gift?

Updated on November 12, 2010

Air Hogs Havoc Heli

air hogs helicopter
air hogs helicopter

Air Hogs Toy Helicopter A Super Gift

Air hogs havoc heli is totally a great fun for your child. Playing with a remote controlled tiny helicopter could be a kids’ game. But flying Air hogs havoc heli brings fun not only for kids; but also gives a new experience and great pleasure to everybody of the family. So it would be a super gift for any kid for any occasion like Christmas, New Year or birthdays.

A great creation

Air Hogs Havoc Toy Heli is an incredible creation. Air Hogs Heli has the world record as the world smallest frying toy craft coming with almost every control feature any big Heli has. Its Flexible, high-impact spongy EPP foam body avoids damages even if fallen. Air Hogs Toy Helicopter can fly more than 100 feet in the air.

Air Hogs Toy Helicopter’s rechargeable LIPO batteries can keep it flying 6 minutes once fully charged in 15 minutes through the remote control charger. The remote controller powered by 6 ‘AA’ batteries (not included) can do all controlling of Air Hogs Toy Helicopter up to 100ft above the ground. This dual purpose remote controller/charger can charge Air hogs havoc heli’s internal batteries several times using its own 6 ‘AA’ batteries’ power.

air hogs helicopter

air hogs helicopter
air hogs helicopter

Air Hogs Toy Helicopter Is A Real Flying Experience

Air Hogs Toy Helicopter’s  blue LED flash lights give a real look and better vicinity for night flying. Four channel control system of Air Hogs Toy Helicopter allows nice and accurate flight. You get smooth control over forward-back, up down, left-right and under-over flying as professional Heli pilot gets. So it is a real experience and you can learn how to take off, how to fly up, down, fast, slow, turn right and left, and how to land down smoothly, like a professional pilot trainee.


Air Hogs Toy Helicopter is equipped to fly in zero wind condition outdoor in addition to indoor though it is designed for indoor use. You can fly it through any obstruction it comes across using 4 channel controllers. Air Hogs Toy Helicopters are available with us in three different control frequencies enabling your kids to fly three helies simultaneously as flying competitions.

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