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An Introduction to WOI

Updated on January 25, 2018

An introduction to the story!

Every game must have it's story, to make the game as much interesting as it can be. War of the immortals has a unique mix-up of some religions and their stories, making this story unique. In short, you are the champion who is being reborn, chosen to save the world from Ragnarok (Nordic mythology) which is actually the end of the world. On your quest you will be having many famous gods helping you, and many titans trying to stop you. The main city of WOI universe is Atlantis. You've probably heard of it, the ancient city which was flooded. You have many NPCs with various things they can offer you. Let's begin the journey, shall we?

Atlantis, the main city
Atlantis, the main city

Choosing your class

Now when you're familiar with the story, you should choose the class which fits your playstyle. Don't worry, there's a class for everyone. I will now shortly review all of 9 classes WOI is offering you.


A warrior. He focuses mainly on physical damage, and on dealing a lot of damage. He is like an off tank, with high burst damage. A role which warrior players will likely enjoy.


A caster. A role every mage player will love. Maguses are highly popular in the game because of their high damage and mobility. They can run all around while casting their deadly spells at you. Annoying playing versus them, but it's fun playing them. Their only weakness is low HP.


A tank. Something like a warrior, but with much lower damage. Champions suffer from high nerfs, and there aren't many champions out there. They have the highest HP in game, but lack damage. A lot. If you like a good challenge, you should try out a champion, it is still viable!


A healer. Every MMORPG needs to have a healer class, and heretic is a classical example of one. The difference is you can choose to be a full time healer, or you can choose to have low heals, but high damage. Depends on your playstyle. A very viable class, with medium HP, which they can recover healing themselves over and over.


An assassin. A deadly rogue coming out of shadows and bursting down your HP bar. They can disappear and come out stunning you with their traps and bursting you with their damage. They lack HP , but they make up for it by always being mobile and in shadow.


A duelist. This is a mixed up class, mixing a berzerker with a magus. They are close ranged, but deal magic damage. They have all sorts of auras which increase their damage, armor etc. A fun class to play. They have a lot of HP, and mediocre damage, but you could say they have more high damage than low.


An archer. A classic marksman class. They use their bow and arrows, bursting you down from a safe distance. They are the most mobile class in the game, because of their skills that increase their movement speed A LOT. They also use traps to slow you or deal damage to you. Their HP is kinda low-ish, but they make up for it with their mobility.


A seducer. Enchantress can only be played as a female character. She is kind of an off healer, focusing more on buffing her allies with powerful auras increasing their damage. They can also heal. Among all, they can deal huge damage with their melodies. A female class indeed!


Death itself. A badass. Harbinger is the class which uses a scythe, representing death. They use magic damage do cut their opponents quickly. Their flaw is that they have pretty low health, but they use mana auras which is like a mana shield, and they have A LOT of mana.

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Pet system

This is an unparalleled system. Why? Because you wont see a pet system like this anywhere, trust me, been there. You can catch pets all over the world, as well as get one from a pack, or you can get a pet part which combines with others to make a legendary pet. But the design is also exceptional. You can own any Zodiac pet like Leo, Sagittarius, Virgo etc... Also, you can own Athena, Apollo... They can make your character so strong that you can even do dungeons solo! Every pet has 12 skill slots, and of course there's a difference between a common pet skill and an ultimate pet skill. You can also catch monsters souls and later equip your pet with 3 souls, making the pet so strong. There's a lot more to explain, but these are the basics you should know for now.


Legion system

Okay this is one of the best systems I've ever seen in ANY MMORPG ever. The idea is, anyone can create a so called legion. A legion can have 30 members in total. Daily, you can do legion quests to help out your legion, raising funds for example. Later, those funds are used to upgrade buildings in legion domain. A legion domain is a territory only a member of that legion can visit. There is a Library, Stables, Church etc.. You can later use those funds (or coins) to participate in Territory Wars.

Territory wars

This might be my favorite aspect of the game. WOI world is built out of 37 territories. They all combine into one huge map. Every Saturday at 21:00 Server time, you can bid for a territory. If you win on bidding then you get the right to attack it. Every Territory War(TW) Is contained of 2 legion guardians which you have to kill to win the territory. Meanwhile there's PVP between you and the legion you bid on. If the defending legion kills the attacking legions guardian, then the territory is defended. The more territories you have, the bigger the buff.


Alliances are formed between 3 legions, so they can have up to 90 members. One legion leader must be the president of the alliance. He can assign positions to others if he wants to. Every alliance must choose its god, there's Odin, Loki and Zeus. The alliance will fight in their honor. Every god has its stronghold, which the strongest Alliance can occupy. Every 2nd Sunday, there's Battle Royal. That's a fierce battle between 3 of the strongest alliances. It must be between Odin Loki and Zeus. The strongest one will win, and get the territory of Atlantis, and their leader will be crowned the Emperor.

Domain map
Domain map

Boss Hunt

Another interesting aspect of the game. There's plenty of bosses out there. Every boss has its level and its reward. Higher the level, higher the reward. Some even appear only once a week! But the spawn time is different for every boss. There's many names you've probably heard of like Cerberus, Hannibal, Lucifer... Good luck hunting out there, you will probably need some help!


Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and i hope even more that we might meet in Atlantis one day! If you have any questions for me I'm always open for them, I can help you out if you're just getting started, and guide you till the very end. I hope you will leave any critics you might have in the comment section , so that I know what should I improve in my writing, because I'm just getting started! Leave a rate of this article on the poll below! Thank you!

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© 2018 Phillip Stevanovic


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