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[ Analysis ] Kingdom Hearts HD Remix 1.5

Updated on October 1, 2013

The game childhood

From where comes [ Analysis ] Kingdom Hearts HD Remix 1.5

PlayStation2 In 2002 came to what was no doubt a risky bet: Kingdom Hearts. The union of the worlds of Disney and Square-Enix in a game was very dangerous as it could be a masterpiece or greater wallop in its history. Eleven years, seven games and a horde of fans eagerly awaiting Kingdom Hearts III will be the eighth game of the series who confirms that definitely were not any bump.

The series was very scattered, Kingdom Hearts was released for Play Station 2 like Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories left for Game Boy Advance, Kingdom Hearts RE: coded was originally released for mobile and after Nintendo DS, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Nintendo DS also reached, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep landfall on PlayStation Portable, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance floated the saga on Nintendo 3DS. It has now been released Kingdom Hearts Remix HD 1.5 containing: Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Let's talk about them and analyze them separately and then discuss them together and always leaving out the spoilers so you can read along.

The game Kingdom Hearts is the first thing out but remastering it was not only render again and finish. As curious as in the beginning of this project they realized they had lost the original data so had to start from scratch with almost every element of the game. Is said that the work they have done has been faultless though, as usual, from memory there are things that stay the same on all the colors.

Aside from artistic differences is a game that immerses you into a deep and complex story, with a system of action role-playing game where RTS is mixed with direct action, where the challenges are constant and effort and skill have their rewards. For example we can beat an enemy to death or spells but find out how they are counter-attacking, weaknesses or reflect their projectiles gives rewards and experience extra points.

The combat system is fluid and simple: a menu of actions and press X execute the selected action. The fights start at any time, our enemies will appear on the field and attack us, our combat menu is always visible so no transition whatsoever between exploration and combat music but change the menu color and combat. I leave the trailer below who shows some insights.


As you level up we develop skills that allow us to learn new actions, modify or enhance the ones we have mentioned above. We learn the skill planner to prevent our enemies, to chase them if they try to escape or to reach areas that previously could not. Abilities have a cost to activate, which is limited by our level and accessories fitted. So plan what to buy, what to wear and when is very important.

The character development is not flat and the sides are equal for all, at the beginning of the game we make several questions that will change the skills, speed at which we learn the same, our strength and other parameters making our game look reflected in the protagonist. An example of this are two basic skills: flip and lock, depending on what you have answered the game determines if you prefer to dodge attacks or defend them and learn only one of them at the beginning and the other acquired almost 40 levels later.

The difficulty is progressive, as we move through the different worlds is more difficult to complete a world yet this does not mean that you have to forget it. The replay ability is guaranteed with almost no world can be completed without having learned skills from other worlds who also need the skill of others. That is, we will visit several times each world and we have to think about how to fix things more than once. While this can make us loose easily, there are always characters that give you quite clear clues on what you have to do or what they need to continue. And even 100% completed worlds are not useless because as we progress the enemies become stronger in all worlds by what we find stronger enemies and leaving valuables much needed if we are fabricating for good weapons and items.

Agrabah, one of the first worlds, when you reach almost the end of the game has extreme difficulty compared to the initial difficulty.

Travelling between the worlds of Kingdom Hearts HD Remix 1.5

The enemies are varied enough and strong types which makes fighting a challenge to far surpass that level it. They often work well in a group and cast spells while moving nonstop to prevent hits against them while others are placed at our backs to attack without being able to defend ourselves. The need to cover the attacking side while others defend the front and hinder all our attacks forcing us to move with great speed on his back if we beat them.

A very interesting point is also the way to move between worlds and we have to use a spacecraft to go from one to another and shooting like a Space Invaders game on the road. These roads between the worlds are filled with enemies which force will increase as the worlds will force us to improve our craft to pass from one to another. The good thing is that not too long after we start the game we will the ability to teleport to any world that we have visited so the task of going from one to another can be lightened very much although this "mini game" is one of the most entertaining parts of this title . Since not only shoot but our ship design, assemble piece by piece, find parts, buy parts and make parts to make it a veritable killing machine.

The recreation of the characters, the worlds and the soundtrack are wonderful, you will enjoy with each scenario, with your details, music and above all how to have captured the essence of the characters without forcing all the argument of their worlds or the history .

We have before us a remastering of a great game that has strengths wherever you look, even the trophies have to work them and there is almost no "gifted one" so to speak. While we could have asked that new developers to modernize and recreate the game from scratch and was enough work, even on European soil they do have something new. The game has been recreated in the latest version of Japan to which they have added extra content compared to other areas so we can enjoy that extra content without having to play in Japanese.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories is a story that takes place between Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2 and NO FILLER BUT A FUNDAMENTAL UNDERSTANDING KINGDOM HEARTS 2. I put it in capitals because PlayStation2 players who did not play Chain of Memories, which was a GameBoy Advance title, to play Kingdom Hearts 2 began to see many allusions to events unknown characters who had died, others had reappeared and so on.

Chain of Memories recreates the story of Kingdom Hearts, reviewing what has happened as we move forward in the interim the plot of Kingdom Hearts. Since this recreation is done with the protagonists and secondary characters meeting and talking to all the plot I recommend Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts finish first if you will not be filled with spoilers.

Click here to see more reviews about Chain of Memories!

In order to compare between the original and the remastered I had to dust off my GameBoy Advance SP. Luckily still worked and I could play and contrast my worst fears. Chain of Memories was developed for GBA game so the stage was no three-dimensional models were very basic and inexplicably audio quality was incredibly high. Because the platform for which it was designed many elements of the game were adapted.

Instead of real-time combats became a combat system almost turns. Each action is represented by a letter, both the protagonist and enemies can only attack from internal using the cards in their hand at the time. Decks are used, are collected letters of different strength and different types to do all kinds of actions. The combination of cards gives rise to skills, the sum of the values ​​results in even higher skills and more.

The combat system is interesting to say the least. Each card is kind and has a value, the type in the letters indicate if attacked physically, magically, if we invoke allies, use objects, etc., while the value of the cards makes them compete with those of our enemies. For example if your enemy attacks with a letter of level 4 and then we play top level letter can cancel your attack and run ours. If we play a card of the same value both attacks are nullified and if we play a lower value will be contratacados. Of course there is a wildcard that is the 0 but it is a double-edged sword because it can win at any previous letter but loses to any post so you must be very careful when you play it.

Having said that we seem to be on a board selecting only letters but not, the enemies move around the screen, we have to dodge skills, we can stay out of cards and have to load the deck again so is not just a game cards but the card game makes up for the lack of power of the console making it much more fun to play, making movement and action focus on making good strategies with our letters reacting as quickly as possible to the movements of our enemies.

Jump to 26 min and 40 sec


To move around the world go by using other types of cards to open doors which will affect the types of enemies that we are, loose objects, difficulty, speed and stage elements. To open the doors have to complete certain conditions such as a letter to a certain level, a letter or meet certain requirements. These letters we use our deck disappear so you have to be careful what we use.

The good thing is that we can submit letters to a door every time you want and make in the same instance stronger enemies change to weak and vice versa. We can also find hidden rooms or blocked by high requirements and force us to work hard in order to open them.

The enemies are the same as in Kingdom Hearts, bosses are outside the recreation so do not expect anything new. Same strategies, same behaviors but this time limited to your turn when playing his letter of attack.

And now is when I talk about what I meant with my worst fears. In this re mastering has made a completely new world,  2D and 3D side and very spacious. That in principle is not bad except that they have not changed anything else.

Why I say that is wrong and where it shows this? In the combat system. You see, before the screen was so small, so small stage and objects so large that it is normal to use a letter from one end of the screen to make a counter attack against your enemies as there is no separation between you nearly the size of the objects but now any card can fight back at any distance, as before, which is not normal. It makes no sense that an enemy attack play a letter to 6 feet away from me, distance and can not hit me, and I will counterattack with a letter that will not hit. That makes no sense. The game sometimes prevents us move or perform actions since they are all in the cards.

How is the gameplay?

Here's a gameplay wih the same fight, you can see everything, you have to zoom out to do their combos and also can be nullified because of the long time enemy card remains in play.

Because of this poor adaptation the game gets very tedious. Fighting becomes borring and run after enemies that have the same behavior as in Kingdom Hearts while you wait to play your cards and hopefully hit them if you don't strike an enemy you didn't see from the other side of the stage and he is not even able to hit you with his letter. If that were not enough, the camera doesn't help at all, behavior and movement hinders us more than it helps sometimes staying glued to walls or the ground is doing the fighting something even heavier.

Luckily as the songs are the same as in Kingdom Hearts we can enjoy the soundtrack though probably we already have heard more than enough if you've played other versions before.

In short, we have a bad adaptation of a game because they did not think of the real functionality of the elements that made the game. If they limited the radius of effect of the letters or with smaller scenarios could have been saved but didn't and the result is poor due to heavy gameplay. At least the trophies are competitive.

Jump to 18 minute 39 seconds. Audio in Spanish !!! (practice will make you a master)

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

We can skip the title, unlike Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories because it contributes very little to the plot of the series and yet it is one of the games that you can enjoy. The story is about a member of Organization XIII and his life in it, how to train, do quests and hang arrounnd with their companions and little else.

 Click the button to see how low is the price now!

I like this game in its original version for Nintendo DS for a reason: the ability to play the story missions with your friends by choosing the character you liked in multiplayer.

The gameplay is simple, you interact with your fellow Organization XIII, you assign a sales mission to fulfill. The console power system makes the game look a lot like the original, thus regaining the action and letting the cards aside. Broad scenarios, rapid, fluid movements, strong and intelligent enemies again and all simply by sacrificing a little graphic quality.

In this case the system of cards is left to make the actions. You make your own combination as you like, each with its weight in the pack than you have to be carefull if you don't want to run out of space, improvements and level ups are also on the cards and you can save multiple to be prepared in each occasion.

The scenarios have changed, and not all of Kingdom Hearts have added new ones, there are some new characters and their motivations and way of life and as well as the way to do the missions will have different types of bonuses. Unfortunately the story mode is fairly flat-.

We can choose any member of Organization XIII as well as some iconic characters of the saga to play with our friends and complete quests. Each character has a special weapon, the way they fight, their strengths and weaknesses so that the variety of characters and their high level of expertise makes difficult to find our favorite them.

If we want to improve our characters is good to know that is done like in the story mode and shared the decks so that we move forward in history or in multiplayer positively affects otherwise, what makes a game with friends something always positive.

Unfortunately none of this and that will make you enjoy this pack Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days more than a movie or rather, the game's cut scenes. Not even a game, put it, give it a "Play All" and when finished will have four trophies. In the fifth section go to the characters and pass for his biographies to give you a gold trophy.

The work they have done in this section is almost zero, someone gave render in HD and went to have a drnk for a few hours. And if you wonder what they could have done to make this movie better then the answer is something similar to: Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence.

When was released the special edition of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was renamed to Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence and included 3 discs. The first was the original game with DLC included, the second disc containing Metal Gear Online and the third contained the MG3 film: SE.

What is the difference? Well it turns out that in the first album was a theater mode which reproduced all cut scenes and ready, as in KH 358/2 Days. However, the third album was something else entirely.

The radio conversations, conversations in-game characters, explanations of weapons and environment were not lost but were used to fill. That is, start a cinematic scene and at the end starts a video in-game "someone" playing the game normally and background audio instead of that section is heard radio conversations, explanations, your objectives, conversations in-game etcetera. And when the battle against a boss says "Get ready!" And appears a second later died as in KH 358/2 Days but appears fighting the boss actually playing against him.

Controlling the camera to give more excitement to the fighting scenes like a movie but with normal quality and cinematic game and ending the fighting in an epic, with a final blow. After that is when you see the boss cut scene falling defeated. That is, they have filled all the cut scenes so that you can hit play and enjoy a movie without breaks, with every conversation, with all the excitement of watching the game as if a friend were playing without having to waiting for train or seek special or secret objects.

Compare KH 358/2 Days with MGS3

I have a video that begins in a cinematic scene of MGS3 and its transition to the game and a KH 358/2 Days for you to see him jump.

You can not compare KH 358/2 Days with MGS3: Subsistence for one is a clear example of doing nothing and the other goes for the detail and provide a product that can be enjoyed.

jump to minute 4 with 29 seconds

jump to minute 30 with 26 seconds


This pack unfortunately is not that good even if they have a masterpiece among their games since two of them are limping a lot and it shows that Kingdom Hearts took them most of the time of this project. If you want to keep a name, quality and, above all, happy fans of the series what can´t be done are two crappy remasters and say it was lack of time. If you have a good product don´t take it out for sale, sell what you have done and if it takes longer to do other then nothing happens, and you will do it in the future.

We have to deal with

Power again and enjoy a masterpiece.

2 games + 1 movie.

Very low and attractive price.

Very good soundtrack.

Gameplay very good and the story and graphics ...

We "go along" with:

... Whenever you play only the first game.

The pack there is only one game worth and can not be purchased separately.

Kingdom Hearts Characters in Amazon

This is my [ Analysis ] Kingdom Hearts HD Remix 1.5

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