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Angry Birds Plush - Stuffed Animals Toys

Updated on March 15, 2015

Angry Birds Plush - Stuffed Animal Toys

An Angry Birds plush toy makes an excellent stuffed animal gift for children and not-so-children fans of the incredible, award-winning game by Rovio Entertainment!

They are great for playing with and can also make great decorations. And, as well as being cute and very soft, they make authentic Angry Birds sounds! The sound box is well protected so you can throw them around!

If you know nothing about the game, birds are the "goodies" and the pigs are the enemies that the player has to destroy, basically by throwing birds at them, in order to win the game. The birds are "angry" because the pigs won't leave them in peace!

The further you get in the game, the more different types of birds can be used to destroy the pigs and their bases. Each bird has different destructive abilities. Everyone starts with just red birds.

These make great gifts for boys or girls but female versions of the toys are available. Suitable for ages 1 and up unless otherwise stated.

ALL toys featured here are officially licensed products (beware of fakes, which often fall apart!).

Red Bird

By far the most popular Angry Birds bird, the Red Birds are the superstars of the game! So if you're buying an Angry Birds plush as a gift for somebody else and are not sure about which character to get, this is definitely the safest choice as everyone who has ever played the game is familiar with this character because it's the first type of bird offered.

Blue Bird

The Blue Birds, another favorite character! These adorable little birds are more dangerous than appears as they multiply while in the air and wreak havoc on piglet forces!

Yellow Bird

Everybody loves the Yellow Birds! They're fast and destructive and capable of defeating any and all pigs and piglets in their sight!

Which is the best Angry Bird?

Vote for your favorite Angry Bird here!

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The sworn enemy of the birds but the piglets prove very comical and cute as plushes!

King Pig

The King Pig, the real badass in the game! They are usually found sitting around in highly protected areas in the game and normally give players the most work defeating them.

Grandpa - Moustache Pig

The Grandpa Pigs aka Moustache Pigs are the second-strongest pigs in the game and play fiddle to the King Pigs. They have a kind of cute moustache, saggy eyes and their nostrils sweat when they are hurt (don't worry, the plush doesn't do this!)!

Helmet Pig

The Helmet Pigs are the third-meanest pigs and one of the hardest to destroy with their stone helmets! These plushes are very popular and quickly sell out.

Black - Bomb Bird

The Black Birds or Bomb Birds always leave a huge path of destruction behind them! They break down the strongest of fortresses and then explode leaving everything around them in shards.

Together with the Terence (or Big Brother Red Birds) Birds, they are the most powerful birds in the game.

White Bird

The White Birds are real trouble makers! They launch into the air amidst war cries destroying anything the explosive eggs they drop come across.

Boomerang Toucan Green Bird

The Boomerang, Toucan or Green Birds are perhaps lesser known but in the right hands are the most powerful characters in the game! They can be used with a boomerang effect and wreak havoc on piglet bases.

These plush toys are only recommended for children 3 years old and up.

Terence, the Big Brother Red Bird

Terence or the Big Brother Red Birds are the guys to call when you really want to tear up a piglets base! As the nickname suggests, they are big brothers to the red birds (aka superstars) in the game and are possibly the strongest characters in the game.

These plush toys are only recommended for children 3 years old and up.

Orange Bird (Globe Bird)

One of the much lesser known characters, the Orange Bird or Globe Bird is truly one of a kind! His special powers mean he can expand to a huge size two seconds after impact!

Space Birds

Finally, we come to the Space Birds. These are special birds loved by hardcore Angry Birds fans that only appear in the Angry Birds Space series which is set in a strange galaxy infested with space pigs!

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      4 years ago

      Thanks for your comment! Mine isn't Featured though so i'm not sure it's what HubPages wants.

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      4 years ago from Overlord's Castle

      I'm reluctant to create merchandise hubs nowadays but this kinda inspired me to make 'em. Will try to do some again in the near future.

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      @anonymous: hehe, me too :D thanks very much for your comment

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      Love the Game!!

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      @wheretobuywebkinz: thanks for your comment :D


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