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Animal Jam Animals

Updated on August 24, 2017

National Geographic Animal Jam SideKix Plush Toys & Secret Codes

Animal Jam Animals can be adopted as virtual pets on the super fun online game for kids that is brought to us by National Geographic Kids Magazine.

They can also be found as Animal Jam Animals SideKix plush stuffed toys - each toy is made in the likeness of the adoptable virtual pets in the game and comes with secret codes for in game use. The SideKix line features the AJ Fox, Wolf, Tiger, Crocodile, Panda and Giraffe. NatGeo also brings us a cool selection of educational plush toys that look like real wild animals.

Collecting rare secret codes for Animal Jam is one of the best parts about playing the game!

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Colorful Jamaa's Virtual Pet Wild Animals

The world of Jamaa is so colorful! You can choose your colors for your virtual pets, making them look tame and natural, or even wild n' crazy!

Set of Six SideKix Plushies

National Geographic's Animal Jam Sidekix Plush Toys, Set of 6
National Geographic's Animal Jam Sidekix Plush Toys, Set of 6

Set includes the Fox, Wolf, Tiger, Croc, Panda & Giraffe ~ Plus secret code for in game item


Collecting National Geographic SideKix Plush Animals

And a little about in game secret codes

Animal Jam is an online game based on an imaginary world called Jamaa. Kids of all ages can gather together with their adopted wild animal virtual pets in live time and play games, collect gems (in game money), decorate their animal's dens, and learn a ton about wild animals and their habitats. Animal Jam is not only great fun, but it's highly educational too with National Geographic Kids programs throughout the game. Kids can watch movies, documentaries and play trivia games as part of their learning fun.

So what's with the secret codes? Re-useable secret codes come out in the game periodically that all players can use, or, that only members can use. Players can also purchase products like the Animal Jam SideKix stuffed animal toys, that include a one time use code for in game items.

Photo Gallery of Animal Jam Game Play Pictures - squidoopets Penguin and pets

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What's your favorite thing about playing Animal Jam online

The best thing about playing Animal Jam is

Realistic Looking Wild Animals

Plush stuffed animal toys by National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Plush Wild Animal Toys - Collect plush stuffed wild animals featured on NatGeo Kids

NatGeo Kids brings us some fantastic video and photography footage of these wild animals in their natual habitats. On Animal Jam, you not only get to adopt virtual wild animals, but you can decorate their virtual dens and learn fun facts about their real life habitats.

The baby koala is only one of the kinds of plush AJ pets you can adopt!

And check out this plush baby grizzly bear - the only kind of grizzly you can cuddle!

What's the last code you used to claim a gift or gems in the game?

Animal Jam Codes - Sharing reusable codes

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