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Anime Pins

Updated on September 24, 2013

Anime Pins

Do you like pins? Do you collect them? Well, pins collection had been around for hundreds of years. As society improves, people have more disposable income to collect pins as a form of hobby.

The wide variety of pins is simple so immerse that it is impossible to collect them all. Also, certain people narrow their collection to the niche area they love. There are people who love Japanese Anime Pins and Disney Trading Pins. Others collect solely Hard Rock Cafe Pins from around the world. In between them, some collect Hello Kitty Pins, Cartoon Pins, Flag Pins, Animal Pins, Historical Pins...etc.

So how do you started collecting pins? Which types do you collect? How many pins do you have altogether? Do u think they will grow more in value? Tell us more in your Guestbook! ^_^

Disneyland Pins

There are many kinds of collectible items available from Disneyland. Anything in a series can become collectible. Some routine visitors collect anything from maps and parking stubs to Christmas ornaments, shirts, mugs, stuffed animals, Vinylmation or Disney pins. Pin collecting and trading is a popular hobby, and trading is a great way to meet fellow Disney fans.

Disney Character Pins have always been sold at Disney Parks, but in 1999 pin trading became official at Walt Disney World. It became popular at Disneyland in 2000 and now takes place at every Disney Park and Resort (except for the Tokyo Disney Resort). Now there is such a large Disney pin following that a special pin is released for any special Disney event, including the D23 Expo, movie premieres, opening days of new resorts and attractions, and more. Now there are thousands of unique pins in existence. Because there are so many, it is impossible to collect them all. Some people collect whatever pins they like, while others collect pins based on a movie, character or ride at Disneyland. If you want, all of your pins can have a Haunted Mansion theme. Popular themes are Disneyland, Disneyland rides, Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, Nightmare Before Christmas, Princesses and Pirates of the Caribbean.

What goes into making a humble pin

A process so tedious yet fulfilling

The making of lapel pins is so niche that only a handful of industries have acquired such expertise. Generally it begins with a pin design and a "master" made of magnesium is cut, oultining the shape of the pin. Thereafter, a production mould is created with a dozen cavities to allow mutiples master to sit in. The mould is made of rubber and shaped like a circular laser-disc. The next step is to insert a brass tack (that sharp needle) into each cavity. Thereafter the mould are placed into a Spin-Casting machine and molten metal are "feed" into it. After about 400 rotations, the mould is taken out and dry in just 1 min. The half-finished pins are then individually detached and a brass clutch is married to the tack.

Soon after, they are placed in a rotating pan filled with mini stones to smoothen out any rough edges. After an hour, each pin are painted by hand using a sharp needle to control the flow. For tiny details like the "eyes" which is too small to paint by hand, a machine called the Pad Printer does the job by stamping onto the pin.

Finally a coat of enamel paint may be applied to the pin's surface to produce a luscious and shinny appearance for years to come.

Disney Stitch Pins

One of the most prolific characters when we talk about Disney Pins is without any doubt the mischievous Stitch. And to prove it here's a collection of many of the great Stitch pins released in the last few months at the Disneyland Paris park.

Disney Jewel Pins

More new pins from Disneyland Paris, after the Cat and Dogs series a new set has been introduced to the park shops, this time focusing on the ever popular Disney Princesses.

This time Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle and Jasmine are presented in a Anime like "super deformed" way and each pin carries a central "jewel", hence the series' name.

The park is also still carrying some limited edition event pins, produced in limited quantities (600 to 900, depends on the subject). Shown below are the Mad Hatter celebrating S.Patrick's day and Stitch celebrating French national holiday of July 14.

What pins do u collect?

I absolutely love Pins! I collect pins of

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Pins are my Assets! I'll keep them for life!

I think my pins collection is worth about

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Pins Collection ~ Japanese Anime & Cartoons

Pins Collection ~ Japanese Anime & Cartoons
Pins Collection ~ Japanese Anime & Cartoons

Pins Trading

Pins Trading
Pins Trading

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