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Cool Antiques & Vintage Collectibles found on Antique TV Shows: The American Pickers from Antique Archaeology, Storage W

Updated on September 19, 2014

Cool Collectibles found on Antique TV Shows

I love to watch American Pickers, Pawn Stars, and Storage Wars. They find all sorts of cool antiques and vintage collectibles on their TV shows. I made this page because I'll watch the show and see something really cool and wonder if that type of item is currently selling on eBay. So here's some of the coolest things I've seen bought and sold on these antique finding TV shows, along with listings on eBay for items that are similar.

Any item selling on eBay is NOT the same item found on the TV show and may not be anywhere close to the suggested value that the show claimed. However, the value may be very similar is it is in fact the same model of the same item and it's in the same condition. I've also listed some recent sales prices from eBay showing similar collectibles that have sold recently.


Antique TV Shows

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Pawn Stars TV Show

Pawn Stars

Airing on the History Channel, Pawn Stars TV Show is about a pawn shop in Las Vegas. You see all kinds of things people bring in to pawn or sell. Some of it is really cool. Many times the pawn store owner, Rick, has to call in an expert to verify whether something is legitimate or a fake. From civil war collectibles to speed boats, people walk in with the weirdest stuff.

Cool items coming into the Pawn Shop - Pawn Stars buys

  • Mary Ford's Personal Gibson Les Paul Gibson As Seen On History Channel's Pawn Stars - SOLD on eBay for $110,000
  • Rick buys a 1929 World Series Lapel Pin given out to reporters to be granted access to the pressbox for $1200.
  • One of President Lyndon B. Johnson's golfball from the 1960s that an expert determines to be true to the period and a genuine golf ball from the President. The guy who brought it in said that his dad was hit on the golf course with this ball by the President. It was appraised for around $500, and Rick offerred the seller $250 for it.
  • Super rare Jimmy Hendrix concert poster from Berlin, which Rick has suspicions on its authenticy because of the mint condition of the poster. A general history museum curator comes in to authenticate the concert poster and inspects the paper the poster was printed on, as well as the printing company, and concert promotion details. After the inspection he says the poster is real. Now they just haggle over the price. Rick offers him $4,000 for the poster.
  • A guy brings in a WWII leather pilot jacket which he thought was a fighter pilot's jacket. But it's not. It's a Rare WWII Cargo Pilot's Jacket, and is still really cool. The pawn store just sold the jacket on eBay for $3208.
  • Paul Newman autographed racing suit from the California Baja 1000. Rick calls in a forensic document examiner to examine the signature of Paul Newman, and cannot authenticate the signature. He doesn't specifically say it's a fake, but the document examiner could not verify the signature, so Rick doesn't buy it.
  • Louis Marx & Co. Mot-O-Run toy with tin cars that run around the track and through the tunnels. The Old Man buys the tin Mot-O-Run for $40. You can see similar

    Mot-O-Run Toys for Sale on eBay HERE

  • O'keefe and Merritt stove with a para scope to see what you are cooking in the oven. Â Restored and works. Â Seller was asking $3500 but Rick only wanted to offer $1000. Â The seller ended up not selling it for that low of a price. You can see other O'Keefe and Merritt stoves for sale on eBay
  • Jimi Hendrix Never Before Seen Pictures Framed History Channel's Pawn Stars Pann - for sale on eBay
  • Jimi Hendrix Never Before Seen Pictures Framed History Channel's Pawn Stars Cool - for sale on eBay
  • Rolleiflex 2.8/80mm w/ Schneider-Kreuznach Xenotar Lens Serial # 1285618 - for sale on eBay
  • Rolleiflex 3.5F w/Zeiss Planar 75mm f3.5 Lens Serial # 2825235 - for sale on eBay
  • Rare Vintage Hedman Co. Check Fraud Protection Kit History Channel's Pawn Stars - for sale on eBay
  • Rare Vintage Gibson Mandola H1 Model - for sale on eBay
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera 24-105mm Lens 100-400mm Lens Bundle - Buy it Now listing on eBay
  • Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone Autographed Book And Photo Radcliffe - Buy it Now listing on eBay
  • The Doors Strange Days Original Album Autographed Manzarek Krieger Densmore - Buy it Now
  • Vintage 1974 Rickenbacker 4001 4-String Bass Guitar Cream
  • Japanese Ichimatsu Doll Beautiful Shape Hands & Feet Still Wrapped Extra Clothes
  • Rare Peavy T-60 Wine Red Electric Guitar R.L. Burnside Made In USA - Pawn Stars SOLD it on eBay for $539.99
  • A guy brings in a steering wheel from a Model T, which is known as a Fat Man's Steering Wheel. It was a removable steering wheel so a fat man could get in and out of the Model T, then put the steering wheel back on. Pawn Stars bought it, then resold it on eBay for $400.
  • Authentic Apollo XVII 17 Eugene A. Cernan Signed Letter Lunar Brass Penlight - Pawn Stars SOLD it on eBay for $2500
  • A guy comes in with a really cool Vocanic Pistol, which Rick ends up buying for $6500.
  • Somebody brings in a USN Chemical Warfare Mask from WWII. But because it was standard issue for the US Navy and there's probably a lot out there, Rick offers the seller $75 for it, which he takes. The Mask even had the storage bag, which is hard to find.
  • A framed signed Letter and Envelope from our 20th President, James A. Garfield in 1869, when he was still a congressman, prior to being President. It's signed on congressional letterhead. Rick calls in a document examiner to authenticate the signatures to determine if James A. Garfield actually signed it or if it was signed from a secretary. The expert determines that signature is actually his and the value is about $2,000-$2,500. The expert also says that it would be worth probably double is it a signature from the 6 months he was President and signed on White House letterhead. They end up going back and forth haggling on a price and Rick finally buys it for $1300.
  • The Old Man has a guy bring in a Life Size Steiff Bear. Steiff was one of the first toy company to name toy bears "Teddy Bears" after President Teddy Roosevelt. The Steiff teddy bears are top of the line teddy bear collectibles and a life size Steiff Bear can be worth quite a bit of money. The Old Man calls down someone to the pawn shop who knows teddy bear values better than him and the expert says the bear is only worth around $1500 - $2000. The Old Man offers the guy $1100 for it, which the guy declines. He doesn't sell it.
  • A guy brings in some NASA space seeds. The went up into Space in 1984 and came back to earth in 1990. These seeds were then sent to schools to grow the seeds and compile the results to see how radiation exposure would affect the germination of the seeds. Rick buys the lot of NASA seed packs for $100.
  • A lady brings in F.D.R. film footage from 1932-1945. But she had never watched it so she didn't know what was on the film. They call in a historical expert and set up the film to watch it and see what's on it. It ends up being an F.D.R. documentary made commercially, and the pawn shop doesn't buy it.
  • 1913 FDNY Log Book, which Rick declines to buy.
  • 1966 Miami Dolphins Playbook is brought in by a former player's son. A sport memorabilia shop owner comes down to value the playbooks, which he says are worth about $400. Rick ends up buying them for $250.
  • 1923 National Cash Register which Big Hoss buys for $600. You can see more for sale here: National Cash Registers for Sale
  • A Framed WWII Blood Chit in numerous languages, which was given to pilots in WWII so if they crashed in a foreign land, their silk survival chit would offer a reward for the safe return of the pilot. But Rick says that every guy who flew in WWII has one, so he can only offer $75. They make a deal at $75. I just saw a different one listed on eBay and the bid was up to $281 with another day still left on the auction.
  • A guy comes in with a Matchbox Collection for almost every single car Match Box put out between 1953 - 1966. He needs a loan and wants to pawn more than 1000 pieces of Match Box cars. The toy expert comes in and values the collection around $28,000. The guy wants a $20,000 loan so he pawns his collection for $20K. He has 120 Days to pay back his loan and pick up his Match Box Collection.
  • A guy come in with a pair of German army helmets that rick buys for $1050.
  • A guy brings in 3 different Japanese Video Arcade machines, which Chumlee immediately starts playing. Big Hoss offers him $600 and the guy takes it.
  • A lady comes in with a necklace that she says Elvis gave her when she was a teenager. She came with a certificate of authenticity as well as a photo of Elvis wearing the necklace. The necklace is more than a pound of gold which in scrap value along would be worth more than $13,000, but the lady wants more than $250,000 for it. So obviously she didn't sell it.
  • A guy comes in with an Albrecht Durer etching print, "The Knight, Death, and Devil". Rick gives the guy $5500 for the print. The doesn't have it appraised on the spot because his art appraiser is busy opening a gallery and can't come down to look at it. So Rick offers the $5500 without it being appraised and not knowing if the print was from the a first pressing of the engraving or a later pressing. Rick takes it to art expert who says it is from the first plate, but is not one of the first pressing, but it is still from the original plate. He values it at $15,000 - $20,000.

A similar Marx Mot-O-Run track - Marx Mot-O-Run

Harry Houdini Straight Jacket

A guy brings in a straight jacket that was worn by Harry Houdin. Of course, their is always questions about any item's authenticity so they call in an expert to check out the straight jacket. Apparently Houdini's brother was notorious for selling items claiming that they belonged to his brother, when in fact they did not. They expert says he must count every single stitch on the jacket to verify its authenticity. It's the REAL JACKET from a picture of Houdini wearing the jacket in January 1915.

Stadium Speaker from Ebbets Stadium

A loud speaker from Ebbets Stadium where the Brooklyn Dodgers played, which is where Jackie Robinson was the first black player to play in the major leagues. When Ebbets Stadium was demolished very few things were saved, even the stadium seats were still inside the stadium when it was torn down, making the stadium speaker pretty rare. The Pawn Shop bought it for $350. Read more about Ebbets Field.

Helen Keller Autographed Letter

Someone brings into the pawn shop a framed an autographed Helen Keller letter. The forensics document examiner comes to verify the signature. A lot of Helen Keller's archives were destroyed on 9/11 when the World Trade Center buildings collapsed, making the autographed letter even more valuable. The document examiner says its worth about $1250 retail. The pawn shop bought the autographed Helen Keller letter for $550.

1800s Carl Zeiss Telescope

An antique Carl Zeiss Jena Telescope, which was made when Carl Zeiss was still alive. The pawn shop buys the telescope for $1000.

WWII Japenese Air Raid Hand Crank Siren

A man brought in a portable WWII Japanese Air Raid Hand Crank Siren. Big Hoss buys that hand crank for $225. WWII Japanese Air Raid Siren on eBay

Albert Einstein Limited Edition Photograph

Albert Einstein Limited Edition Photograph signed by the photographer Halsman. The portrait photograph was featured on the cover of Time Magazine. An expert comes in a verifies the authenticity of the photograph and says it would be worth $7,000 - $8,000 at auction. Rick only offers $5,000 for the print and the owner doesn't want to sell it for that low, so there's no deal.

World War II B-17 Bomber Plane

The Old Man and Chumlee go to see an old WWII B-17 Bomber Plane, also known as the Flying Fortress. They even get to go up and fly in the bomber.

1972 Pentagon Papers

A lady brings in books of Pentagon documents which discuss Vietnam and other international issues. Rick is concerned about the documents and calls someone to see what if they are something that the public should have. These were daily information reports on international affairs, and were the PSYOP divisions reports. They reports ARE legal to own, but he also said they are public records now, and are now rare. The pawn shop doesn't buy them.

Antique Ship Bells

Pawn Stars Sunken Treasure - $15,000 Bell from a Sunken Ship & a $48,000 gold bar

Shipwreck Treasure for Sale on eBay

Storage Wars

Storage Wars

Storage Wars airs on A&E and is all about abandoned storage units being auctioned off. Bidders are hoping that the unit contains hidden treasures that are worth more than what they paid for the auction. The auction winners find all kinds of cool antiques, vintage collectibles, and valuable items inside these abandoned storage units. But it's a gamble for the buyer because they don't know if anything at all inside the unit will be worth anything. Bidders are also fierce rivals.

Barry Scores Big with $5500 worth of guitars - Barry the Collector on Storage Wars

Storage Wars: Pennies from Heaven - Public Storage Auctions

In this clip from Storage Wars, Brandi and Jarrod open a box from one of their storage units they won at auction. The box is filled with gold and silver coins.

Similar Antiques that have SOLD on eBay recently - Antique Collectibles Values similar to what was found on Storage Wars

  • Barry found an old tether car which was worth $6,000-$7,000 in one of the abandoned storage units he won at auction. Tether cars are made with a model airplane engines and tethered and run around a track going 175 mph.
  • Just the other night on one of the episodes of Storage Wars, Barry bought a storage unit for only $2.50, because no one else wanted it, as it only had a chest of drawers dresser in it and a few other misc items. When Barry opened up the drawers of the dresser, he found a few old antique glass fly traps, which were worth a few thousand dollars collectively.

Antique Glass Fly Traps

American Pickers TV Show

What Mike and Frank picked - Antiques picked on American Pickers

  • Mike paid $2000 for an original antique KoolMotor gas pump globe. You can pick up a reproduction gas pump globe designed to look like the old ones for around $250 on ebay here - KoolMotor REPRO gas pump globe.
  • Mike also picked an old vintage Dr. Pepper vending machine. Dr Pepper is the oldest soda company, predating Coca-Cola by a year. But there weren't that many Dr Pepper vending machines, unlike the vintage Coca Cola machines, so when you find one in good condition, they are pretty rare.
  • Mike also picked up an old 1935 R18 Arch Top Martin guitar in pretty rough condition for $100. He takes it to get appraised and the guitar specialist tells them that this type of guitar in good shape could be worth $10,000-$15,000. But of course, their guitar is in pretty bad shape with cracks, holes, and missing part, so it's appraised for a value of $300-$500 for parts purposes. There was an R18 Arch Top Martin guitar in well worn condition that SOLD on eBay for $1400
  • Mike and Danielle also pick up an old meeting sign from an Odd Fellows Lodge that read Odd Fellow's and Rebekah's meeting times for $100. He also picks up a 1800s glass slide projector from the Odd Fellows Lodge for $300. The glass slides are really cool and the camera projector was even in the original case.

American Pickers - 1939 Ford Woodie

American Pickers from Antique Archaeology

American Pickers airs on The HIstory Channel and is about two guys name Mike and Frank from Iowa who drive around the country and stop at people's houses and farms to "pick" through their old junk in search of valuables. Then then agree on a price from the owner, if he is even willing to sell, and then buy it, and in turn sell it at their Antique Archaeology store in Iowa. They find some really cool items, and you learn a lot about the history of the vintage collectibles they find.

How to Start Picking your own antiques - American Pickers Guide to Picking

What is your favorite Antique TV Show? - Comments about Antique TV Shows

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      Nice round-up. Storage Wars is always a good watch, amazing some of the stuff they find.

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      Love Storage Wars and Pawn Stars, but let us not forget the granddaddy- Antiques Roadshow.

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      They're all great, but I enjoy "Storage Wars" the most.