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Archery Sets for Kids - Bow and Arrow Sets for Boys and Girls

Updated on December 16, 2012

Archery sets - fun for kids of all ages!

When my son was 5-years-old, he told Santa Claus he wanted a bow and arrow set for Christmas. It was actually kind of difficult to find a good children's bow and arrow set that would provide a lot of fun, yet be decently safe.

Whenever I have trouble finding something, it inspires me to make a Squidoo lens about it. This was one of those times!

After the movie The Hunger Games was released, bow and arrow archery sets fascinated kids again. Girls want to be like the heroine Katniss, but all children like to show their skills.

So I hope this page will help you find a good quality play bow and arrow set for your child or grandchild, whether you want the suction cup type tips or the more realistic options.

Like the Robin Hood/Archer costume above? You can order it!

Child Robin Hood Costume Other image:

Archery Sets for Kids

Here are some great archery sets for children that are featured on

Badger Toy Crossbow Set--This exciting new target shooting challenge features an easy-to-draw miniature crossbow and front and rear sights that really work. Super fun and sure to build basic shooting/sighting skills! Includes 6 suction tip darts and coated easy-stick target face.

Skillbuilder Bow and Arrow Set --Plastic notches and rubber suction cups on the arrows make this a fun, safer way to teach the basics of archery. When moistened, the suction cups stick to many smooth flat surfaces. Set includes a 29"L bow, four 22"L arrows and an arrow holder. Adult supervision required.

Child Robin Hood Costume -- Costume Renaissance costume for boys Renaissance costume for boys includes a hoodie with attached vest, a belt with pouch, gauntlets and boot covers. Robin Hood is referred to in folklore as the Prince of Thieves. He steals from the rich to give to the poor. A villain to some and a hero to others, Robin Hood is a classic storybook character...

Children's books about archery

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    • AstroGremlin profile image

      AstroGremlin 5 years ago

      People are nervous about empowering kids. Bows and arrows are dangerous. All the more reason to train kids in safe and fun target practice.