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Are Nightforce Scopes Any Good

Updated on January 13, 2013
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Are Nightforce Scopes Good

If you have ever asked yourself "are Nightforce scopes any good" then the plain and simple answer is yes they are good. In fact a better answer is that they are great.

Nightforce scopes are actually considered the brand of choice for many hunters as well as gun hobbyists who understand that quality, accuracy and durability are what it takes to be considered the best rifle scope.

The company, Nightforce Optics, was founded in Orifino, Idaho in 1992 with the goal of manufacturing the the best rifle scopes that can be found in the marketplace today. In order to accomplish this goal, every Nightforce scope is assembled by hand in their Idaho factory after which it is put through a wide variety of tests and undergoes a rigorous 70 point check that would destroy most other rifle scopes.

If you really want to know "are Nightforce scopes any good" then ask the people who use them every day.

It is this dedication to building the best scopes that has made Nightforce scopes the choice of hunters, law enforcement and military branches such as the U.S. Army and Navy. Additionally, rifle scopes made by Nightforce Optics are used by several special forces teams.

A large part of what makes Nightforce scopes stand out from other brands is the advanced mechanical designs and cutting edge technology that is used to build each and every scope made by Nightforce Optics. Additionally, the illuminated reticle that is used in Nightforce scopes adds to the performance when shooting in a wide variety of conditions and lighting.

If you are looking for a truly high quality rifle scope then you will find nothing better than a Nightforce scope and one you try one you will never ask yourself "are Nightforce scopes any good" again.

Nightforce Scopes for Sale

The Best Rifle Scopes

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NightForce 2.5-10x32mm NXS Compact Illuminated ZeroStop Riflescope

This is an illuminated zerostop scope with .1 mil-radian,mil-dot reticle

NightForce NXS 5.5-22x56mm Riflescope

This Nightforce NXS model 22x56mm model features .250 MOA zerostop NP-2R reticle C234

NightForce 12-42x56mm NXS Riflescope

This best selling Nightforce NXS model rifle scope is a 42x56mm model with .125 MOA NP-R1 Reticle C341

NightForce NXS 5.5-22x50mm Riflescope

This Nigtforce NXS model 22x50 rifle scope features zerostop, .250 MOA, HV.5 Reticle C364

NightForce 12-42x56mm Precision Benchrest Illuminated Riflescope

This precision benchrest illuminated scope features a .125 MOA NP-R2 Reticle C104

NightForce 8-32x56 Precision Benchrest Illuminated Riflescope

This precision benchrest illuminated scope features .125 MOA NP-1RR Reticle C115

Are Nightforce Scopes Any Good?

You Decide!

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The following information should help you answer the question "are Nightforce scopes any good". Many hunters, law enforcement professionals and military personnel seem to think that Nightforce scopes are the best scopes on the market and for good reason. Take a look at the list of things that makes these rifle scopes so well loved with people around the world.

  • Each scope is hand crafted
  • Each scope goes through a 70 point check
  • Each scopes must pass a wide variety of extreme testing
  • Illuminated reticles
  • Extreme accuracy at long range distances
  • Excellent performance in a wide range of of lighting and visibility conditions
  • Unique coating exceeds the toughest Mil-Spec abrasion test
  • Unsatisfied customers are entitled with money-back-guarantee

Are Nightforce Scopes Good - Yes They Are!

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I think we have answered the question "are Nightforce scopes any good", ask any customer who has ever purchased a Nightforce scope and they will tell you that these are the best rifle scopes made today.

With incredible the quality, accuracy and durability that Nightforce scopes offer and the rigorous testing and 70 point check that is done on ever scope that leaves the factory, you know you are great product.

Whether you are a hunter, a law enforcement official or a hobbyist shooter you will find nothing better than a Nightforce scope on the market.

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    • profile image

      JohnRoberts22 4 years ago

      I've owned several in my time and none of them have failed me. Although definitely not Leupolds they are solid mid range scopes that at most times provide a lot of value. If you cant afford a leupold then I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this scope!