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ASA Electronic E6B Flight Computer Review

Updated on January 24, 2014

I have been using E6B flight computer that I got when I first started my private pilot license training years ago. It is one of the old wheel types, it works great and I quite comfortable using. I never really thought about switching to an electronic version until recently when I had a chance to try one. After using a friends I decided that it was a much better way of doing things. I therefore went out and get an ASA E6B electronic flight computer.

In terms of ease of use it is hard to beat the E6B that ASA offers, it is much simpler than using the old wheel type. All you have to do is go to the menu, pick out the calculation that you want to make and enter the numbers. It really comes into its own when you have to chain calculations, that is ones where you have to use the answer from a previous problem has to be used to solve the next one as it can be entered automatically.

The CX-2 is fairly compact so it fits easily into a flight bag but at the same time it has a large enough display screen that it can be read easily while flying. The keys are also large enough that you can enter the numbers that you want with one hand without a problem.

Useful as the CX-2 is there is one major downside and that is that it can't be used at night. There is no back light which makes it impossible to see the numbers in the dark. I assume this is done because having a light would destroy your night vision although if they used a red one this would not be an issue.

A lot of people have questioned the need for an electronic E6B as you can now get smart phone apps that do the same thing. There are however a couple of issues with these, the first is that they are not approved by the FAA for testing purposes. If you are going to take a licensing exam you need either a wheel type computer or an electronic one that has been approved like the ASA CX-2. The other issue with using your smart phone as a flight computer is that they are not designed for it and therefore can be hard to use while you are flying.

I quite like the CX-2 and I would recommend it to anybody who is learning to fly as it does make calculations quite a bit easier. That being said you should still learn how to use the wheel type E6B just to be safe.

ASAs Color E6B Flight Computer
ASAs Color E6B Flight Computer

This is type of flight computer that most people use when learning to fly. They have been around for years and they work just fine.

Rotating Flight Navigation Plotter (Lexan) - Aviation
Rotating Flight Navigation Plotter (Lexan) - Aviation

Another tool you will need when learning to fly.

ASA KB-1 VFR Kneeboard
ASA KB-1 VFR Kneeboard

A kneeboard comes in really handy for keeping all your charts straight.


Using the CX-2 Flight Computer


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