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Ash Ketchum Hat and Costume

Updated on July 2, 2016

Pokemon Hats and Costumes

I've had a lot of fun finding all the best Ash Ketchum Hats. If you need one for a Pokémon costume or Pokémon Cosplay this is the place to go. I've also found pretty much every other piece you would need for an Ash Ketchum cosplay. Maybe you're not into cosplay and you just want an awesome Pokémon hat, well you're in the right place for that too. Point is I've done a fair bit of searching. Trust me there is a lot of bad bad handmade stuff out there. I've sifted through it all. So if your looking for a place to buy a hat or costume you're in the right place.

Image Courtesy of Imalune

Ash Ketchum Costume Kit and Backpack

This is the outfit Ash wore in the Black and White series. It's pretty popular and honestly one of my favorites. Black & White was the point in the Pokemon series where the games and show started to grow up a bit.

Pokemon Black & White Ash's Travel Pack Costume Gift Set Backpack
Pokemon Black & White Ash's Travel Pack Costume Gift Set Backpack

The Backpack comes with a set of gloves, a Pikachu figurine and a Pokeball. O and the backpack itself is actually a good backpack.


The Hats

Season One Original Ash Ketchum Hat

This is the hat every kid wanted. The story goes like this. Ash Ketchum mailed away a million postcards in order to get it. Guess it worked. In one episode called "Primeape Goes Bananas" a mankey steals Ash's hat and he freaks out just a little bit. In the end he gets the hat back and makes a new friend.

The hat is called the Pokémon League hat but is commonly known as Ash Ketchum's hat. The green shape on the front is actually a stylized "L" for league.

Pokemon Ash Ketchum Baseball Snapback Cap Trainer Hat for Adult Embroidered, Adjustable, Red
Pokemon Ash Ketchum Baseball Snapback Cap Trainer Hat for Adult Embroidered, Adjustable, Red

This is the original classic era Ash Ketchum hat. The very same on Primape stole almost 20 years ago...yah feel old yet. The same company makes versions of all the newer hats so check out the link below


Pokemon Advanced Ash Ketchum Hat

When Ash returned home from the Johto league is mother gave him a ne set of clothes and a new hat. I was surprised to see him switch hats so easily after all the work he put into getting it. Ash would eventually lose this hat to another ape like Pokemon called Aipon and again Ash would make a new friend.

Pokemon Aviator Hat - Unique Pokémon Hat

I thought this was pretty damn cool when I saw it so I had to include it here. It's kind of a one of a kind Pokémon hat. It's different enough the people who aren't fans of the Pokémon series might not get the reference. Besides it looks like a warm hat.

Pokemon "L" Aviator Hat Red
Pokemon "L" Aviator Hat Red

Who doesn't look cool in an aviator hat?


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Pokémon Cosplay

If you're thinking of cosplaying as Ash Ketchum from any Pokémon season you are in luck. A lot of his outfits are extremely friendly to new cosplayers. Look at the costume Ash wore in season 1. Blue Jeans and a black T-shirt. You probably have that stuff laying around somewhere anyway. Ash's blue and white shirt might be a little harder to find but could be made pretty easily.

The only think you would need to buy is the hat Ash wheres. There's quite a few to pick from above. I wish you the best of luck with your Ash Ketchum Cosplay.

Poke ball Belt by Tomy

The belt comes with two Poke balls that attach nicely. It's adjustable so it fits just about everyone. It's cheaper and easier than trying to buy and modify a regular belt.

Pikachu Onsie Costume

Hilarious Pokémon costume. If you can't find a cute friend that can pull of the yellow bikini Pikachu. This is your next best bet. Pikachu onsie gets more laughs than it and other cosplay anyways.

Japan Pokemon Pikachu Adult Cosplay Costume ALL SIZES
Japan Pokemon Pikachu Adult Cosplay Costume ALL SIZES

Or you know..You could just were it around the house.


Full Costume

Full classic Ash Ketchum Costume - Cosplay Quality

I've never bought anything of this seller myself but they have sold over 200 of these with no registered complaints so that has got to be a good sign. Costume inlcudes Jacket,Gloves and Hat. The main pieces for any cosplay. All that's needed after that is blue jeans and a black T-shirt. Shouldn't be to hard to find.

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