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Assassin's Creed 3 The New Spin On Multi-Player

Updated on October 14, 2013

New muti-player action

This lens is to talk about the new multi-player mode on assassins creed and how its changed and appears even better. I love all of them so far I'm a massive fan of the game and i can't wait till this is out the end of the month it's one of my top games ever.

I love the game from the stealth to the chase down of the kill so waiting for this one to come out has being killing me. i would appreciate any comments or more info about the game as it coming out can't come sooner enough for me.

Revelations muti-player

Ok so I'm just join to say a little about revelations so it makes it easier to compare. The Muti-player on revelations was great i think, i throughly enjoyed it and spend days playing it for hours. it came with a nice variety of of bonus kills and different games some team work and some not like steal the artifact and capture the chests.

I thought they were good team based games, then there was one like death match were you were all alone and anyone could be the enemy and your skills alone have to get you through the game. There were some add ons such as new costumes etc but nothing to special so I'm hoping there will be a little more in the new one.

assassins creed revelations

this game is worth buying if you have not played it yet plus to go on to the next one before trying this means you won't be able to appreciate how much better the next one is going to be and as a fans i know it will.

Assassins creed 3 multi-player

Ok so we still have the classic death match which you can't beat nothing like going all out by your self not know who is after you and who's truly just a passer by and not some one acting casual but ready to strike at any second.

I love the fact it could be any one and you could be tracking someone down not sure if your target is the right one but making the split second decision which make the difference to whether they escape or get taken down.

In the new one they have co op modes such as wolf pack and domanation and and much more ill go in to these ones on the next part.

wolf pack mode

on this you are in co op mode and are with two or four other people your team get a target and the hunt begins.

On this you don't have lots of time to eliminate your target you have a set amount of time to get to the point threshold then on to your next bit, so it becomes more vital to use your steath and sleekness to make sure the target is the right one.

On the previous one many would just run round without steath making it hard for you to use it your self but this takes that away an makes it 10 times better if like me stealths your thing.


With a large variety of maps domination should be filled with plenty of action. In this your a team working together to capture and defend territories for victory over the land.

If your are controlling an area then you can kill your good to go if the area is not controlled by you then you are limited to only a stun so you have to be more carful as doing this as it reveals you to your foe.

The rules of domination seems very much like capture the chest with the count down till you capture it and the more of your team in it the quicker the capture. So with this blend in keep calm and act casual your be fine.

some of the perks

GLIMMER making you nearly invisible to other player the slower you move the harder you are to see the advantages on this will be endless this will help you as long as you maintain your stealth and plan you attacks well.

WALL RUNNER with this you will find as you run at the wall up jump up slightly higher then usual which you will find most useful in a chase as having the edge for getting away can be critical.

SILENT HUNT this perk increases the time your aloud to stay in high profile while you are near your target and you will not trigger any chase.

BLENDER where you walk in to a crowd and one of them will morph in to you. I love this perk it has proved useful time and time again.

MONEY or gold BOMB where you throw money and the crowd quickly flock and get in the way giving you time to make your escape.

Muti-Player Characters

These are characters names i know so far

. The Carpenter

. The Pioneer

. The Robber

. The Look out

. The Spy

. The Black Bird

. The Commander

. The Quack Charlatan

. Lady Maverick

. The Night Stalker

. The Sharp Shooter

. The Red Coat

. The Independent

. The Mole

Should You Play Assassins Creed 3 First

Well this depends in my opinion if your just really after the multi player aspects then i think playing this first does not make much of a difference because, it's goin to be better then the others i think but your following the same kinda principles.

Where as if your after the main game play since Assassin Creed 2, brotherhood and revelation followed the same character and his story you were best playing them in order to see how it progressed, with the new one following a totally different story line it does not seem to matter really. Though playing the other will make you really want to play AC3 lol.

assassins creed 3

preferred assassins creed

which one do you think has being the best one so far and why. Also is it the main game play or the online play

which assassin creed do you preffer

See results

your tactics

what works bet for you do you stealth you target or to you just chase them down and go straight in?

in multi-player whats more effective stealth or just going for it and running all your kills down?


assassin creed 3


buy it now

Tell me why you love the game why it make you play again and any comment on liberation?

Why you love it

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    • squidingaround profile image

      squidingaround 5 years ago

      @askformore lm: thank you for reading it.

    • askformore lm profile image

      askformore lm 5 years ago

      Thank you for a cool lens!

    • squidingaround profile image

      squidingaround 5 years ago

      @thewafflingprem1: thank you for the like I'm glad you like the lens.

    • thewafflingprem1 profile image

      thewafflingprem1 5 years ago

      I am really excited for the Third AC. After reading up on the multiplayer, I am even more excited. thanks for sharing your lens

    • thewafflingprem1 profile image

      thewafflingprem1 5 years ago

      I am really excited for the third AC. Reading up on the multiplayer makes me even more excited. thanks for sharing your lens.

    • squidingaround profile image

      squidingaround 5 years ago

      @digitaltree: thank you for the like and i totally agree with what you say it crates realism its so well thought through

    • digitaltree profile image

      digitaltree 5 years ago

      Nice Lens, what i like about the game, is the setting, it makes the surrounding graphics more realistic.

    • digitaltree profile image

      digitaltree 5 years ago

      Nice Lens, what i like about the game, is the setting, it makes the surrounding graphics more realistic.

    • profile image

      sandra65 5 years ago

      its great

    • squidingaround profile image

      squidingaround 5 years ago

      I just know AC3 will not disappoint.