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Astro Empires Game Review - a Free MMO Space Strategy Game

Updated on December 10, 2015


This is the online browser game that I played at the end of 2008. Compared to Galactic Imperia, this is a better game, with a realistic star map for you to navigate. A game that lets you stay addicted!

About the game

This is the online browser game that I started playing in November 2008. This is another strategy game similar to Galactic Imperia. As compared to Galactic Imperia, the company seems to put more effort in advertising its game. They included a short teaser video and a few high quality game play images on their main webpage. New players greeted with a tutorial to kick-start with their game. Players can choose to play in different galaxies (servers) such as Lyra, Epsilon, and Kappa.

Getting started

You will be given a default planet to start with. After you have gathered enough resources and built up your fleet, you can start to conquer the other planets which were abandoned or have not been ruled by anyone else. At the end of first week, you are able to expand your empire to 10 planets! Please do read this guide first if you do not plan to upgrade your account after the upgraded version has expired after one week of account creation. Free account limits the greatest number of planets conquered as 9. Do think carefully before you choose your planet, since different planets have different types of resources (metals, gas, and crystals), can support a different amount of population, and with different total areas. For example, earth like planets can accommodate a population of 7 while Asteriods can allow 4 only.

You need to consider the benefit: cost ratio and select the best structures for building from limited credits. You will be given a starting credit of 50 after you opened your account. Some structures such as metal refineries can process metals to produce economy and energy. After your first week, you can start to expand your fleet and join a guild to engage in wars as well as seek support from your senior members or members with higher rankings!

Comparing with Galactic Imperia

The map in Astroempires is more realistic, and provides a wider selection of planets than Galactic Imperia. In addition to that, you can add items ready for building/researching in a queue unlike Galactic Imperia where you can only build/research one item only. In Galactic Imperia, building/researching items after earlier items completion requires user response unless you upgraded to your premium account where you can build/research more than one items simultaneously. One feature you cannot found on Galactic Imperia is that Astroempires allows you to recycle space debris (from destroyed military units after battles) which will add more credits to your account!

Other space strategy games that you might be interested in

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This space strategy game would enable you to micromanage the combat units


My experience

So here was my experience of playing Astroempires: After a few weeks of building up my empire, a person had attacked and took some credits from my planets regularly. So I decided to revenge on him. I chose a time when he was most likely not be around and I attacked 3 of his planets with all my military units and succeeded in occupying his planets! He immediately wiped out all my units after he came back, and offered me to join his guild, clearly a reputable guild! Later, I attacked an opponent who was much more powerful than me and of course I lost the war. He annoyed with my acts, and swore to seek all my planets out and plunder them all. So I decided gave all the coördinates of my planets to him! He surprised of my unusual move and he attacked some of my planets since then occasionally. I forced myself to leave Astroempires in 2 months because it took up so much time from my studies!


This is a really addictive browser game especially when you are dealing with real people: the powerful and the weak and how they interact with each other and with you. Although the mobile military units are not as detailed as the pictures shown in Galactic Imperia, game interaction just give you the feel of a real commander in a war!

What do you think about Galactic Imperia? Is it fun to play?

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