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Adapter for ASTRO Headset & Turtle Beach Headset Compatible with PS4 and Xbox One

Updated on January 20, 2014

ASTRO Headset & Turtle Beach Headset Compatibility with Playstation 4 and Xbox One

Well, the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One have finally been released and if you are a hardcore gamer like myself, you are probably wondering if your Astro Headset or Turtle Beach headset is compatible with your new gaming system. Please just keep in mind when picking out your new gaming system that if you are used to playing on Xbox Live you will more than likely not be satisfied switching to PS4 no matter what the PS4 specs might be. If your friends are playing on Xbox, you will want to play on the saming gaming system they are using.


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Astro Headset PS4 Compatibility

According to Astro Gaming their A30, A40, and A50 Audio Systems are fully compatible with the Playstation 4. They say that you first must apply the PS4 Firmware 1.50 update to your console. The latest ASTRO firmware updates must be applied to both the A50 Headset and Wireless 5.8 GHz Transmitter. All of their gaming headsets will deliver Dolby® Digital 5.1 and 7.1 game audio and a full voice chat functionality throughout the PlayStation Network.

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Astro Headset Xbox One Compatibility

ASTRO has been assuring us that their ASTRO MixAmps and A50 wireless headsets would be delivering Dolby® Digital GAME AUDIO by processing digital 2 channel audio with Dolby® ProLogic II and encoding it into Dolby® Headphone since before the launch. This is the gold standard for simulated 7.1 Surround Sound for gaming headphones, according to ASTROS. Microsoft has since announced that a firmware update will be released that will enable Dolby® 5.1/7.1 through optical SPDIF allowing ASTRO products. This will deliver GAME AUDIO just like they do for the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, this connector on the controller is now a proprietary port, which means that all ASTRO products will require an adapter, and you will not be able to connect to Xbox Live for online VOICE CHAT without one. This chat adapter is not available yet, but they say the built-in Kinect microphone provides full voice communication via Xbox Live when using ASTRO headsets.

In other words, they are not prepared for the release and Microsoft has accomplished their mission of making it more difficult to use products not developed by them.

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Turtle Beach Xbox One Compatibility

According to Turtle Beach their surround sound headsets are able to connect to the Xbox One for game-only audio using the console’s built-in digital output. Their headsets that can connect using this digital optical cable include:

Delta, DP11, DPX21, DSS, DSS2, DX12, DXL1, Phantom, PX4, PX5, PX51, Tango, X41, X42, XP Seven, XP400, XP500, XP510, X-Ray. They then say "Thank you for your patience." Basically, nothing that actually works will be available until early 2014, when the adapter that Microsoft is developing is released.

Turtle Beach PS4 Compatibility

Here are the instructions to make your Turtle Beach headset Compatible, straight from the Turtle's mouth:

First, Go to Settings > Screen and Sound > Audio Output Settings > Primary Output Port. Then, select the “Digital Out” (OPTICAL). Next select the ONLY “Dolby Digital 5.1ch”. Then go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings > Output to Headphones. Now Select “Chat Audio”. After that, go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings > Audio Format (Priority). Last, select “Bitstream (Dolby)”. Be sure to go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices > Headsets and Headphones > Volume Control (Headphones) to adjust the chat level to your preference.

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Any updates you want to add? - Post them here, and happy gaming!

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    • christasquidoos profile image

      christasquidoos 3 years ago

      @glanoltc: You can email the guy making them with questions and ask about your specific headset

    • christasquidoos profile image

      christasquidoos 3 years ago

      @glanoltc: what kind do you have? You can email the guy making them with questions

    • profile image

      glanoltc 3 years ago

      Its can support all of the HEADSET right ?

    • christasquidoos profile image

      christasquidoos 4 years ago

      Jerritt got his adapter and it works great!

    • Laurahadges LM profile image

      Laurahadges LM 4 years ago

      Eventually, Technology will teach it's self not to sale a product before all of it's accessories are available and compatible!