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The Birth of Post office , Australia

Updated on February 6, 2012

In country collection, Australia is a popular name. Collectors are attracted to Australian stamps because of wide variety of areas covered by the Australian postal authority. The earlier stamps of Australia with die-variations, designing and subject are of a greater interest to philatelists. While collecting Australian stamps I wanted to find its history of post office and after studying different philatelic books, I came to know about the Birth of Post office above 200 years and share it with all my philatelist friends.

With the arrival of the First fleet, under Captain Arthur Phillip the settlement developed in Australia. During the first few years, no record has been found regarding the handling of mails in New South wales. The boatmen , operating between Sydney and Parramatta were allowed to carry letter at a cost of 2d. each. But no charge was paid on Government service. But objections were raised about some Mal-distribution of some overseas mails , giving rise to undesirable practices.

To prevent these authorize activities a general government order , dated 25th April, 1809, was published. It read as follows- " Complaints have made to the Lieut - Governor that numerous frauds have been committed by individuals repairing on board ships on their arrival at this port and persona-ting others , by which they have obtained possession of letters and parcels, to the great injury of those for whom they are intended."

The Lieut- Governor to prevent such fraud has establish an office for proper distribution of parcels and letter addressed to inhabitants was deposited before their distribution and Mr. Isaac Nicholas , Assistant to the naval officer under whose direction the office was maintained and security of the office was given to him.

According to the decision the following regulations are observed -

On the arrival of any vessel , Mr. Nicholas , or a person authorized by him, is to repair on board and to require that all letters and parcels directed for the colony be delivered to him, for which he is to give a receipt to the master, mate or super cargo.

By the above order and regulations , the first post office of Australia was established on 25th April, 1809 with Mr.Isaac Nicholas as the first post master. This day is the foundation day of Australian post office having history of above 200 years. To commemorate this event a stamp was released by Australian postal authority.

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