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Austrian Silver Coins: Rome on the Danube

Updated on October 26, 2014

Austrian Silver Coins: Rome on the Danube

The Austrian Mint (Munze Osterreich) has produced a four coin series recalling the unique relationship between the Roman Empire and the people of what has eventually become Austria. The Roman legions stopped at the Danube and somewhat peacefully coexisted with the ancestors of modern Austria, primarily because the Romans were being supplied with the highest quality swords by the artisans. This lasted many years.

These coins are truly teaching history.

To depict this relationship the Austrian Mint has issued four silver coins depicting Roman military scenes from the period.

Intro Image: This image is in public domain. It can be found on WP Clipart, link provided below.


The denomination of these coins is 20 Euros, and they are made in 0.900 silver. Each contains 18 grams of fine silver. On the obverse of each coin is a Roman leader, while the reverse shows a military scene. Each is minted in frosted proof, and the mintage is set at 50,000.

The mint also has produced a beautiful wooden box to hold this impressive set.

2011 Aguntum

Obverse: Constantius II

Reverse: Villagers and jars at a well

2011 Carnuntum

Obverse: Emperor Septmius Severs

Reverse: Legionnaires in Villa Urbana

2010 Vindobona

Obverse: Marcus Aurelius on horseback

Reverse: A centurion inspecting troops

Peaceful Coexistence

when Rome was conquering and occupying territory and expanding its reach, the Romans stopped at the Danube for many years. They established a peaceful coexistence with the people on the Austrian side of the river. Although it was not yet Austria, the inhabitants were ancestors of many Austrians.

According to the story put forth by the Austrian Mint when these coins were being made, the people on one side of the Danube were skilled at sword making, and were able to be of value to the Roman forto supply the Romans with quality weapons and with food.

Unfortunately, this static line of advance of the Romans eventually was crossed.

The coins honor three locations where large Roman forces were garrisoned during the years of peace.

Difficulty Obtaining These Cons

The Austrian Mint will not ship to a location in the United States, I contacted the mint and inquired. Not only will the Austrian Mint not ship to a collector in the United States, the dealers are also blocked from ordering coins directly from the mint. Austrian commemorative coins must be bought from a foreign distributor, who adds to the price for handling the coins. This makes Austrian coins, although many are interesting and beautiful, less attractive to collectors in the United States.

These are not found in abundance on eBay.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Sounds like an interesting historic set of coins.

    • lasertek lm profile image

      lasertek lm 6 years ago

      Interesting! Thanks for the share.